Short Stories

Journeys Lifelong friends Nora and Kat leave behind family to spend a weekend together. Catching up, Kat confesses her dissatisfaction with her church and the lessons they’re teaching her children. Nora, a witch, performs a full moon ritual unaware Kat watches. Kat wants to know more about Nora’s beliefs. Is Kat a witch too? She’s not sure. They discover truths about themselves and each other. Universal link to all stores

The Broom Closet A collection of short stories.  A Stroll, a woman takes a stroll through a park to bring herself back to a place of balance.  The Broom Closet addresses the issue of religious freedom in the workplace.  Choices, a stressful life has led to medical issues which leads her to meditation.  Dolphin Quest, an old woman visits a dolphin.  She takes a journey with him to the depths of the ocean. Universal link to all stores

Grandma’s Doilies
A collection of short stories about life. The Fight a boy waits to see if his mother will be abused. History Repeating, a great aunt tells of being raped. Guess, a mother teaches her daughter fiscal responsibility. Grandma’s Doilies, a granddaughter recalls a beloved grandmother. Dream Rich a poor mother struggles to feed her baby. Poignant stories address difficult topics.
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A Journey Home
Generations have survived on the ship, but now Aiya and her children are being jettisoned onto a new world.  To sooth and comfort her children Aiya tells them the story of why they left their homeworld and took to space.  Leaving a home with an advanced culture, they have journeyed long to find a new home. Universal link to all stores

4 star review on Goodreads!

A Bright Future
In a time when the government controls everything, Becca makes a mistake bringing attention to herself.  With the Special Police ready to scoop Becca up, Angela, her mother, helps her escape in the night.  A frightening and difficult journey away from their way of life, Becca and Angela trust Cam to whisk them away to a new future but will they be safe? Universal link to all stores

The Creaky Old House
Sasha dares her younger sister Lola to go into an abandoned house. It is old, rickety, and hauted. Lola accepts her sister’s challenge and enters the house. Sasha expects her sister to chicken out. as she watches from outside, her sister seems to be attacked. Her screams send Sasha rushing home to get her parents. Was she attacked by a ghost? Is she dead? Sasha waits while her parents investigate. Universal link to all stores

4 Star Review on Goodreads!!!

Death Waits
Hovering near death, Angus wars with the agony which grips him.  He sees her waiting patiently.  When the nurses and doctors leave him alone, he begs for her to take him but she denies him the release.  He has things to do before he can be released from this life.  Letting go his stubbornness, Angus has a nurse call the only person he cares for while Death Waits. Universal link to all stores

Incidental Characters
A dark and stormy night, Sheila rushes into her house after a day of doing research at the library.  Heart in throat, Sheila moves from one horror to the next wondering where her husband and children are.  Wavering between fear and annoyance, she wonders if this is another Halloween prank.  Will she find her family, rescue them?  Or is this another Halloween prank by her husband? Universal link to all stores

Witches’ Tower Witchcraft and a deadly demon have haunted the town for a hundred years. New in town, Ashley is annoyed with being the new girl. In a fit of anger, she strides off pursued by her brother, Zach. Zach draws her away from the water tower because of the demon. He tells Ashley her anger will draw the demon. If she doesn’t want to be trapped, she should return home and avoid the Witches’ Tower. Universal link to all stores

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