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Steve and I met through social media. He’s a newly published children’s author.

Author Bio

I’m a new children’s book author! I’m from New York and I’ve many unpublished books, my latest is called Riley & Scare World. I’t’s one of my favorites and definitely for Disney fans. Before writing, I previously worked in publications for a nonprofit in Manhattan. In my free time, I like to cook, watch hockey and movies, go to the beach, and Kristin Hannah is my favorite author.

Tell us about yourself

I’m a new aspiring children’s book author! I’ve written a few picture books and chapter books, my latest is called Riley & Scare World. I’m super excited for it. Before writing, I previously worked in publications for a nonprofit in Manhattan. In my free time, I like to cook, watch hockey and movies, go the beach, and fun fact I love Matcha green tea!

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

My first book was called JoJo. It’s a picture book series with a novel in the works. When I was writing the first few picture books, I realized this is rather good. I wrote my next book Ollie & Sophia and that’s when I realized maybe I could do this for a living and I absolutely love every second of it! It was this past fall, when I realized it. My best friend inspired the character JoJo. JoJo is a series about a cat who goes on adventures with his best friend, Jasper!

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I read adult fiction, my favorite author is Kristin Hannah. I’m a big fan of Room by Emma Donoghue and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. I write children’s books, I don’t think I’ll ever write an adult novel. I love thinking and creating children’s book stories and bringing them to life. The covers, the stories, the illustrations, they’re really cute and I love it.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

My books are for children ages three and up. Riley & Scare World is for seven year olds and up. Hopefully, I’ll have great news on all of them about publishing within the next few months. You can find more about my books on my website.

What is your current release or project?

My latest book Riley & Scare World will be released this October, unless I receive an agent or publisher. I’m working hard on that and I have an AMAZING designer doing the cover. It’s in progress, but thank you so much Meritxell Andreu. Here is a preview 🙂

Tell us about the key characters

Barry the Monster, reminds me of the genie from Aladdin. He’s a fun, quirky loving character that everyone will enjoy.

Riley is a thirteen year old girl and just want’s to go home to her parents, but she is a happy, fun character, too.

The other main monster is Charley, after my best friend’s mother. She is a bunny panda monster.  She doesn’t play a big role, but it’s a  key role and I love this character.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Riley & Scare World is a fun loving story for fans of Monster’s Inc.

It begins on Riley’s birthday. She spends the day at the zoo and at her favorite restaurant with her parents, but later that night everything changes. Barry the Monster shows up in the middle of the night and takes Riley to Scare World, where she must participate in a talent show. If she loses, she is stuck in Scare World forever. What will happen?

Barry and Riley spend the week practicing, having fun and exploring Scare World! They eat Monster Ice Cream, go to Monster Beach, watch soccer at Monster Ball, and go to Barry’s job at Monster World. In the end the contest takes place at Monster Ball. All the monsters of Scare World are in attendance, there’s fireworks, Monster House performs and everyone has been waiting all year for this contest! Due out later this year 🙂

Share an excerpt

Here is a sample!

Riley had a wonderful birthday, but that is all about to change. It’s the middle of the night and Jane, here’s a scream, but Jim tells her it must have been the wind. “Hi. I’m Barry.” “Uh. What are you doing in my room?” Asked Riley. “Well, it’s funny you ask that. The monsters of Scare World are having a friendly contest and you’ve been chosen,” said Barry. “No thank you,” said Riley. “Ha. You have no choice. But guess what? I’m your coach.” “Coach for what?” asked Riley. “We are having a talent show and if you lose, you’re stuck in our world forever.” Riley freaks out and starts throwing pillows at Barry. “Whoa. Whoa. I was kidding,” said Barry. “Can I say goodbye to my parents?” Asked Riley. “Nope, but It’s all taken care of,” said Barry.

“This is where, you live?” What’s wrong with it?” “ARE YOU KIDDING? It’s wonderful,” said Riley. Barry and Riley hop on bicycles and head off into the night towards Barry’s. “Are you hungry?” “I don’t want slime,” said Riley. Barry chuckles and cooks up some yummy sushi. “Try some,” said Barry. Riley is silent and Barry smirks. “Okay, you got me. The food is amazing!” “Do you want to know more about the contest?” asked Barry. “Yes!”

“Drumroll, please. You’ll be doing a talent show and I’ll be helping. So what is the young girls talent?” asked Barry. “I don’t have any talents,” said Riley. “Everyone has a talent. What are you good at?” “I’m the best on my soccer team,” said Riley. “Come on, kid. It’s a talent show not the Monster Cup. Now let’s get back to your talent,” said Barry.  “I can sing,” said Riley. “Let’s hear it.” “When the lights…” “Stop. It’s good, but everyone sings.” ‘You’re mean,” said Riley. “How about stand up comedy?” Suggested Barry. Riley makes a face and Barry grabs a microphone. “I’ll teach you.”

Do you have a favorite scene?

My favorite scene is when they’re at Monster Beach. It makes me envision the monster world. Riley, Barry, and Charley spend the day at the boardwalk and the beach. It’s one of my favorites. I can’t wait for it be out to the public for everyone to read.

What advice would you give a beginner?

It’s a tough industry to get into! Patience is key and so is persistence. Sending out manuscripts, marketing, writing great stories, attending workshops, and most importantly have a day job and never give up! Keep sending out your manuscripts and believe in it!

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