Defenders Box Set (books 1-3) (original covers)


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Defenders of the People
Bri and Tof have forged a connection to their community and their friends. When that existence is threatened they have to decide whether they will fight the threat and possibly draw attention from the council or stand by while innocent children are hurt.

They choose to fight and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Their friends, Liza, Benry, Alex, Molly, and Bic stand with them. Tracking down rapists, thieves, and murders, they discover the power of doing the right thing is rarely easy but has great rewards.

Bri and Tof reveal their secrets to their friends to discover it doesn’t matter to their friends. They stand with them no matter what. Together the seven develop their skills in fighting and in magic as they begin to fight back against a corrupt society.

Defenders of the Land

The Defenders grows into a group of young adults who protect against any and all evil, including the agents of the council. The council’s magic seekers bring perverted magic to capture and return victims – mostly children and pretty women – to the Chancellor Ravick.

Tof with his lieutenants, Bri and Alex, work with the villagers in their province to protect against these agents. They learn as they go. Mistakes are made, lives lost as the group becomes a cohesive unit.

Magic is key to their success and they don’t know enough. The magic seekers bring perverted magic to the province with magical illnesses and a sleeping spell which holds people docile in their captivity.

Defenders of Magic

Tof, Bri and the rest of the Defenders established peace in their province. They’ve taught the people how to stand up for themselves. But the sovereigns sense turmoil in the rest of the land. A large group of riders breaches the safety of Bear’s compound. Steps forward into new provinces brings politics, diplomacy, and new ways of battling the Troopers, Magic Seekers, and Council.


Set includes

Book 1 – Defenders of the People regular price 8.99

Book 2 – Defenders of the Land regular price 11.50

Book 3 – Defenders of Magic regular price 9.99

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