Book Reviews

Facing North 
Seven Ages of the Goddess Book Review
Modern Guide to Energy Clearing Book Review
Gods & Goddesses: The Rise of Divine Mythology Book Review 
Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing Book Review
Feng Shui Plain & Simple Book Review
Pagan Portals – Rhiannon Book Review
Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot Book Review
Pagan Portals – Celtic Witchcraft Book Review
Lunar Nomad Oracle Book Review
Breathing Love Book Review
From Anxiety to Love Book Review
White Spirit Animals Book Review
Teen Spirit Guide Book Review
Fortune Tellers Handbook Book Review
Womb Awakening Book Review
Wicca Plain and Simple Book Review
Odin Ecstasy, Runes, and Norse Magic Book Review
Witches’ Almanac 2018-2019 Book Review

I’ve reviewed many books for this site, if you wish to read them search for my name. A couple of my books have been reviewed on there as well!

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