Club Wonderland – Mine book 6

by Ava M Taylor

Welcome to Wonderland

Annabel Rouch is a self-made billionaire. She’s 42 and been divorced three times. Her only daughter has left for college and she’s alone in her home for the first time since her daughter’s birth. She’s strong, take charge and she finds men being in charge laughable.

Nicole Bennet dominates men. She makes them bend to her will and she makes them pay. When she meets Andrew Porter and Ryan Miller she knows they are hers to use and benefit from. She just needs them to sign her slave contract. She wanted them under her thumb.

Friends and millionaires Andrew Porter and Ryan Miller prefer to have a woman direct them during their intimate times. They’re smart men who have come a long way in their professional lives but their personal lives are missing something.

Two women want these men to submit to them. Which of them will earn their loyalty?

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