Me in Georgia! Photo by Stephanie Troemel

Born and bred Wisconsinite, I was raised on a family dairy farm.  I married young and have been married for more than 41 years.  We have three wonderful adult daughters.  

Nap time for Gus Gus and Moo Shoo Photo by Stephanie Troemel

I don’t really have spare time.  People who get bored baffle me as I just find something to occupy myself when nothing is scheduled.  I love to research genealogy, crochet, write, read, and be with great friends.  

Especially important to me are my grand babies.  These take the form of furry grand babies and I enjoy them thoroughly.  I have three daughters and six grand fur babies.  Bash Bear, Ava, Gus Gus, Rafiki, Penny and Moo Shoo provide me with a great deal of love, laughter, and joy.  Though sometimes they don’t respect personal space as much as I would like.

Sasha’s pinned Grammy down
Photo by Victoria Troemel

I’m the youngest in a family of six with four older sisters and one older brother. My parents raised us to be strong intelligent women (and man for my brother) who aren’t afraid to speak our minds.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I am not afraid to say what I feel with passion.  

My favorite song is I’m a Bitch by Meredith Brooks.  There’s a line in there “this may mean you have to be a stronger man.”  I love this line for two reasons – first strong women need strong men to help them stay strong.  Second it describes my husband – he helps me be a strong person by being a strong person.  

Don’t ever ask me my favorite book.  I can’t tell you one.  Here is a short list of what I like to read.  Shakespeare, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, O Henry, Anne McCaffery, Piers Anthony, Nora Roberts, Suzanne Brockman, Tamora Pierce, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Anne Bishop, Cara Bristol, Rebecca Zanetti, and more.  I love to read everything though I am not a big fan of horror.  I don’t mind suspense – especially if it takes your breath away but I don’t like the gore of most horror.

Sasha getting into mom’s water. Photo by Victoria Troemel

I love to read a good book – non-fiction, fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, poetry, anything that is well written.  One of my pet peeves is reading a book and editing it as I go.  If I keep rewriting the author’s sentences as I go I quickly tire of the book.  

I pull inspiration from everything.  Someone could say a phrase that sticks with me or I could see a picture from a friend’s trip.  Often nature inspires me. One of my friends hikes the Grand Canyon every year and her pictures amaze and inspire poems and stories.  There is a county park near where I live that is wonderfully peaceful and beautiful.  Sitting under ancient trees and listening to the sounds of nature de-stresses me as well as inspires me to look deeper.    

Virginia Troemel and Moo Shoo just chilling Photo by Stephanie Troemel

My day job is working at a university in the dean’s office.  I love my day job and the people I work with.  My passion is writing and some day I will write full time.

Havasupai Land in the Grand Canyon Photo by Suzanne Inez Jaillet-Isham (Lily)