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Celtan Dilemma

Traitor or criminal?

Lieutenant Lillian Buckner receives orders to take her squad of women pilots out to specific coordinates and destroy an unarmed transport.  Lilly must decide whether to be a war criminal by firing on an unarmed vessel or to be a traitor and disobey her orders.  Her life and those of her six pilots depends on her decision. No matter her decision, the punishment may kill her if she returns to the human forces.

Trust or Punish?

Lord Hugh Korol fights against the humans.  They invaded the Celtan’s territory and took sectors of space from them.  The humans attacked their home world.  When human women aid one of their unarmed transports, he must decide what to do to them.  Can he trust the one he desires or will she break more than the fragile trust growing between them?

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Royal Undercover Mel Breuer is a supply officer and nothing else. Until a request to report to the security office on Space Station Joplin reveals her real identity. Demands from her large family change her life and drop her in the hands of John Vellum a professional protector. Her other life taught her to trust no one – ever. 

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Rise of the Ancients Trouble landed on Space Station Zed in the form of sexy but bawdy Samantha Crane. Security Chief Colin MacKenzie is torn between annoyed and attracted. Drawn together, Sam and Mac fight an ancient enemy newly awakened. This enemy destroys everything in its path threatening the station and millions of people. Will their passion and love be enough to win, or will a lack of trust destroy them? Universal link for all stores

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Draconian Peace Racial tension has destroyed the relationship between the Draconians and the humans, leaving thousands of mixed breeds disenfranchised.  Prejudice and suspicion mar the joining of Dewi Bradon, half and half, and Lord Lachlan Camdon until they learn to look passed their race and trust in each other.  As they begin to trust, changes ripple through society and expose rampant corruption and crime.  Universal link for all stores

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Murder Next Door Eloise Franklin only wanted a hot shower and sleep after her long shift of exotic dancing.  When she got home, her neighbor’s door was open.  Eloise had to check on her neighbor and friend.  Shocked, she discovered her dead.  Detective Ronan Turner and his partner Detective Allen Sanchez come to investigate the death of a third class Moll.  She sold her body to make money and she ended up dead.  Cynical playboy cop, Ronan doesn’t want to like Eloise Franklin but on discovering her caring for her younger sister, she breaks through his cynical rough exterior and brings out his protective nature.  Danger and mystery surround the couple as they learn to love and trust each other.   Universal link for all stores

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Dragon Lord’s Mate During spring rites, Dragon Lord Arius claims Pena, a healer from the Plains. He likes her small body, flame hair, and spunk. Pena wants nothing to do with the Dragon Lord. She wants love and comfort. Arius carries her away from her Plains village. The shadow dragon rises, reaching out his power to aid Pena’s enemy, Indirez. Betrayal within the Dragon Clan endangers everyone that Pena holds dear. Universal link for all stores

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Secret Past
Waiting in line at the bank, Nick and Dee are thrown together during a bank robbery. Instantly attracted Dee can’t resist family-oriented Nick. Dee has secrets – deadly secrets which private eye Nick stirs up. He must know all her secrets. To survive Dee must run but can’t leave Nick. Nick escapes with her. Nick has to earn her trust as Dee realizes she is strong enough to face her Secret Past. Universal link for all stores

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Seven Sisters

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Aliens invade Earth!

Following prophecy Mycos traveled Across the universe to trade old technology to the backwards world in order to find his true mate.

Surviving the plague and life on the streets Lydia Struggles to keep her 6 sisters alive and safe. Mycos demands Lydia submit to him. She refuses.

Will he compromise in order to win her over and open the world up for other Hylatians to find their fated mates?

The fates of both worlds rests with these seven sisters.

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