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Below is a list of books and when I hope they will be published. If there is a preorder available for them, the link is listed as well.

BookRelease DateLink
Through Destiny’s EyesJuly 17https://books2read.com/Through-Destinys-Eyes
Into the Dark August 10https://geni.us/IntotheDark
To the Moon and Back
(RJ Stone)
August 25http://bit.ly/ChildrensToTheMoonAndBack
Paranormal Investigator FilesSeptember 4https://books2read.com/prninvestigators
Prospecting (rerelease)
(Ava M Taylor)
September 11https://books2read.com/Avas-Prospecting
Captain’s Companion
(Ava M Taylor)
October 9https://books2read.com/Ava-Captains-Companion
Moon CrossingNovember 13https://books2read.com/mooncrossing
On the LineJanuary 6coming soon
Marelotbacoming soon
Celtan Dilemmatbacoming soon

Through Destiny’s Eyes

Destiny trusts Pythia, her dog, and her instincts.  Fresh from a breakup, Pythia leads her to a doorway which changes her life.  Discovering the Sanctuary, Destiny discovers more than just a peaceful place to learn how to strengthen her ability to see into the future.  She discovers not one but two men who excite and capture her heart. 

The Sanctuary has rules.  Eamon hopes when Destiny steps into Sanctuary that she will be his but he’s scarred both physically and emotionally. 

Friedhelm wants Eamon and Destiny. He needs them both to be his but he won’t risk their lives for his need of them. 

Will Destiny, Eamon and Friedhelm break the rules and risk their safety or will they let each other go for the greater good?

Into the Dark

Travel into the dark and discover over a dozen sexy reverse harem stories twisted with superstitious lore.

Hell’s Princess cursed into finding her destiny

A witch cursed to be mortal. 

Demons fighting hexes. 

Vampires in need of some luck…and more!

From sizzling slow-burn attraction to steamy-goodness, there is something for every romance lover.

Grab your copy today and don’t miss out on this limited-edition collection! All proceeds benefit a mental health charity. In darkness, find light, love, and adventure!

Includes titles: Hell’s Curse by Eve Newton; Curses Bite by Ginna Moran; Lupine: Pigs Might Fly by Hanleigh Bradley; Bloody Lucky by Cali Mann; Dahlia: With a Side of Fries by Tabitha Barret; Sweet Lunacy by Avery Stone; Insurrection Chapters 1-3 by R.L. Caulder & M. Sinclair; Menace to the Assassins (An Academy of Assassin’s novel) by Stacey Brutger; My Soul to Keep by Debbie Cassidy; Death’s Deeds by A.J. Macey & M.J. Marstens; Deflated by Eva Delaney & Mia Harlan; Dreaming of Me by Melissa Adams; Friday by Amelia K. Oliver & Eileen Troemel; Infernally Taken by Jewels Arthur

Paranormal Investigators

Doug Kronnig, university professor, has taken three of his relatives to the emergency room in a week. His father, brother-in-law, and sister have all had nasty accidents which could have resulted in much worse results than they did. Now the FBI is investigating but not the normal FBI, the paranormal unit.

Harper Stanley and her partner Devin Jacobsen with the FBI paranormal unit know they’ll have another victim of the stalker at Halloween. The stalker starts ten days before Halloween and tortures a family. The man has cheated and his family pays the price until Halloween. By Halloween, the victim dies by the will of the entity they’ve chased for seven years.

This year they discover the targeted victim. Doug Kronnig doesn’t quite fit the profile. He’s not in a relationship nor has he cheated but for some reason, the stalker has targeted him. In a short span of time, Harper finds herself drawn to this funny, quiet man.

Can she stop the stalker or will Doug end up as another victim Harper couldn’t save?

Newest Crochet Patterns

Shawl with Sleeves Do you hate shawls which slip off your arms? Try this shawl with sleeves.  Warm, snuggly, this shawl is made with fleece yarn.  It’s almost like wearing a blanket but without the weight. 

Super Soft Afghan Made with super soft fleece, this afghan works up in under 12 hours.  It’s warm and comfy for snuggling under. 

Wall Hangings
Three Hats & a Scarf
Cuffed Shawl

To see more patterns visit the Crochet Patterns page


Happily Hooked Magazine – I’ve got a new pattern published in there.

Crop Circles allows you to make coasters, placemats, and table runners out of the same motifs. These are all made with outdoor yarn. This makes them really durable and useful for outside on your patio or by the pool. Water and even sand won’t bother them. You just have to wash them and they are back to normal!

You can look at the issue on Ravelry if you want to see what else is in the issue! Aside from the patterns, the best thing about this magazine – no ads!!!

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