May 4 – I’ll be at the Whitewater WI Storytelling Festival

June 22 – I’ll be at Hedberg Public Library Book Fest in Janesville WI

Book Release Schedule

Below is a list of books and when I hope they will be published. If there is a preorder available for them, the link is listed as well.

BookRelease Date
Queen’s Shadow
Blood Fae Academy
January 25, 2024
First Kiss, Again
First Kiss Anthology
February 29, 2024
Dragon DescendantsMarch 30, 2024
Seizing the FireApril 20, 2024
Hunger June 15, 2024

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This started out as a short story. It was supposed to go into an anthology. And then it grew and grew and the characters kept telling me more and more. I realized it wasn’t going in an anthology – so now it’s a book. This is not a cliff hanger. There’s a complete story here. … Continue reading Hunger

End Game

by GA Mazurke I give this book a 4 star review Let me start by saying – I don’t like sports and I’m not thrilled with first person books. Having said that, I enjoyed this book. Mazurke did a good job of staying true to the first person POV. Liam and Gracie’s story is funny, … Continue reading End Game

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