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“Eileen has great grammar, great diction, fantastic word choice, good story and middling to good descriptive ability. I have enormous respect for Eileen and her work …”

Morgan Redstone blog

Thank you, Morgan! The compliments are wonderful and the critique is spot on.


Woo hoo! There’s a five star review on Smashwords for Tipped Double Scarf!

Wayfarer Aegis has a new review on Pure PR Textuality! There are reviews on Goodreads and Amazon as well! This prequel to the Wayfarer series is only 99 cents!

Wild Magic review! “An impressively original and extraordinarily well crafted fantasy novel that showcases author Eileen Troemel’s mastery of the genre, “Wild Magic” is an inherently riveting and unfailingly entertaining read that will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections.” on Small Press Bookwatch

Moments in Life reviews! “There is revealed in her work a refined sensibility, a presence informed by both insight and compassion. “
Great review available on Midwest Book Review

“Some of her work, like the lighter “Hiding in the Stall”, reads so much like song lyrics that by the end of it you practically have the tune worked out in your head. Other pieces, like the more contemplative “Wild Child”, are more likely to leave your mind quiet and reflective. Not a bad trick, getting both results (and many others) in the same slim volume.”
Great review on Facing North 

New Book Release

Wayfarer Resolve

The family is threatened by the people Adara rescued. Can they find a way to peace or will the prejudice tear apart the connections Adara and the Wayfarers are making?


The Wayfarer Series!

Bonus Material!

Scent of Cudach Banyo
This is a little about Kit from the Wayfarer Series.  This story is gives a peek into Kit’s life before Adeline from Kit’s point of view.  This is not a thoroughly edited piece.  If you like it let me know, I may do more. 

Newest Crochet Patterns

Diamonds Are Forever

Make in under 12 hours, this afghan is made with fleece and a large hook in order to work up quickly.  Warm, snuggly and great for those cold winter nights. Amazon

To see more patterns visit the Crochet Patterns page

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