Book Love on the Rock October 20 – 21, 2023

RAWR: Romance Atlanta Writers and Readers February 24, 2024

RAWR: Romance Atlanta Writers and Readers will host their first Author Signing event in 2024.

Along with 70+ authors, the event creator Leah Taylor hopes to use the success of the event to raise money for the Georgia Police K-9 Foundation. Leah dreamed of an event where readers could meet their favorite authors and also raise money to help others… specifically those in public safety.

Book Release Schedule

Below is a list of books and when I hope they will be published. If there is a preorder available for them, the link is listed as well.

BookRelease Date
Puma PrideJuly 8, 2023
WreckedAugust 26, 2023
Paranormal Investigator Files – Soul SirenSeptember 23, 2023
Eden Dome in
Vortex of Desire Anthology
October 26, 2023
Haunting at the No Return Hotel AnthologyOctober 26, 2023

Eden Dome in Vortex of Desire

Brenna must escape or submit to the rules of Eden Dome. Supervisor Mallow attempts to force her to be with him. He intends to teach her how to be submissive. Brenna has no intention of following the rule but she’s held back by her love for one person, Jet. He’s her only friend and the only one she wants to be with.

Jet has loved Brenna since he was ten though he’s never told her. The Dome rules forbid mixing between males and females until after a female has produced two children by different male. Jet will not let harm come to Brenna. But the only way to protect her may be deadly.

If Jet and Brenna defy the rules of Eden Dome, will they survive the outside world? Or is it as toxic as the elders say?


Studying the past of the two races, they recognize an ancient pattern of destruction. Attempting to avoid this, Geri and her males face another danger when V’la is accused of trying to kill the sovereign. She will do anything to clear his name and protect the new family she’s building. 

With everything at risk, will they find a solution in time or have to flee to save their lives?


Puma Pride

Available for preorder

This is a paranormal shifter romance with kidnapping, mystery and sexual content

A shifter fated mate romance with a touch of mystery, danger, and intrigue

Bears and Panthers; Hounds and Horses

Shifters don’t trust humans. Humans have experimented and tortured them. They’ve taken their children. Now the shifters are in charge, things are better except shifters don’t trust humans.

Jolyn, a human, finds teens hurting a shifter girl and stops them. She takes Minnie into her home to protect her and keep her safe from another shifter group. Fighting them with a fry pan, Jolyn does her best to keep calm and remember the Puma Pride is retrieving a kidnapped child. She can’t resist the black panther who is the pride enforcer.

Brady, enforcer to the Puma Pride, is drawn to the woman who had his niece, Minnie. She smells of lilacs and Brady is drawn to her. If his alphas order it, he’ll be the one to put her down. But his cat doesn’t want to hurt her, he wants something more.

When Willie D, alpha of the bears, claims Jolyn as his cub, Bryan and Mia know they can’t kill her. But someone is after their daughter and Mia wants someone’s throat.

Who wants an eight year old shifter girl and why? It will take more than the Pride to protect the innocent.



This is a reverse harem older female scifi romance.

For seven years, Major Kae Blint waited for a bonded pair to ask her to be their bond as was the Alurian tradition. But Captain Jent Hans and Lieutenant Tamr Loga didn’t ask. On a routine flight for requalification, Kae, Jent, and Tamr are sucked into a wormhole which spits them out in unknown space. With a ship leaking oxygen, they must land on a planet and find a way to survive until rescue comes for them.

Jent and Tamr are a bonded pair of males looking for their female. They met her when she visited their pilot training. She’s older and one of the best pilots in Alurian Spaceforce but they wanted to be her bonded pair.

Stranded on an ice planet, the three of them must learn to work together to survive. Will they last until they’re rescued? Or will familiarity breed contempt?


Newest Crochet Patterns

Creme de Mint Crème de Mint Afghan is made with super bulky yarn which takes a few hours to create. The soft tones of cream and mint allow it to fit in with most décor. The pattern has a two row repeat which allows the crocheter to fall into a rhythm while working the pattern. The afghan shown is worked in a two row color repeat which means you’re changing colors every other row. Making this with one color would be just as beautiful while eliminating the need to change colors.

Rainbow Panels A mix of patterns creates a lovely texture for this afghan. Made with super bulky yarn, it works up fast and easy. This warm throw will be a great gift or warm coxy blanket to cuddle under.

To see more patterns visit the Crochet Patterns page

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