Wayfarer Series

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Wayfarer Aegis

Adara Stone – pilot for the Interstellar Planets Union services.

She’s half Wayfarer and half human and Captain James’ last choice as a pilot.  Excited for her first long contract and explorer class ship, Adara knows she’ll spend seven years flying a ship in unknown space. She can’t wait to see what’s out there. 

By the book, Captain Alden James does not want anyone varying from his flight plan.  He quickly loses patience with Adara breaking protocol. 

Adara craves a family but finds only recrimination and punishment.  She taps into the skills dismissed by her captain and the services in order to be the best pilot she can be.  When Fate intervenes, will her Wayfarer skills be enough? 

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Recovered from the disaster of the Aegis, Adara longs to fly in space again.

Emotionally and physically battered, she applies to every piloting position but her heart and soul long to fly the Pritchard.  The Manu investigatory ship requires all types of flying from chasing raiders, rescuing ships in danger, and getting investigators on site.

Captain Decker Flannery gets to hire his entire crew for the first time.  He doesn’t want some damaged pilot to mess with the balance of his crew.  When one of his pilots takes a better offer, he has no choice but to hire Adara Stone, highest ranking survivor from the Aegis.  He doesn’t want her on his ship, he thinks she’s trouble. Can Decker see through Adara’s quiet and discover more than he bargained for?

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Wayfarer Clans

Are Wayfarer Clans kidnapping children, teen girls, and scientists?

A rash of kidnappings lead Adara to suggest a Wayfarer clan is adding to their clan. Chasing down a stolen Science Corp vessel, Adara Stone beats the pilot and rescues the ship and all its occupants.  The pilot of the ship shocks Adara.

Decker and Adara struggle to cope with her family relations as the crew dives deeper into the kidnapping cases.  Friction arises between the two. 

Will her family put a wall between Decker and Adara? 

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Wayfarer Immemorial   

The Barions are back! 

Decker wants Adara nowhere near the memorial but she insists on helping the survivors and the families of those lost on the Aegis. 

With her plate full as a new clan leader, Adara leaves security up to Decker, Franklin, and Paul.  Her only requirement – she must attend the memorial service. 

Barion battlecruisers invade the Services space while a rogue Barion attempts to meet privately with Adara. Will Decker and Adara survive this encounter with the Barions?

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Wayfarer Negotiator

A riot on a space station throws Adara Stone into a new role.

When Wayfarers clash with shopkeepers, Adara’s asked to step in to settle the dispute. 

Decker’s parents are visiting but he doesn’t want her to meet them.  He leaves her on the ship while he spends time with his family.  Until Avin’s, the Etienne hunter, murder case interrupts with an important break. 

Negotiating, Decker and Adara clash over her continued health issues. 

Can they come together to negotiate a peaceful settlement?

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Wayfarer Wedding

Adara and Decker’s big day fast approaches!

Before they can wed, her family is sent on a covert mission to collect information on a hostile race. 

Decker’s mother makes demands on how the wedding should be causes tension in an already stressful situation.

Will Adara and Decker be able to protect her family and return in time to have their wedding?

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Wayfarer Trials

Humans only! 

Returning from their honeymoon, Adara and Decker with their crew face a rash of attacks on non-human females. 

New trainees bring a sense of danger.  Decker and Paul try to protect Adara through a series of explosive events. 

Can Adara protect her people with her skills? 

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Wayfarer Destruction

Someone wants Adara dead – again.

A disastrous first flight leads Franklin to expose sabotage and industrial espionage threatening Adara’s life.  Orders come down, Adara and Decker are to seek out and meet with the Hettians. They are to return the Hettian prisoners to their home world.

Dr. Nukpana is on the loose, trying to recruit Wayfarers and testing his formula on humans.  The bodies pile up while Adara and Decker cope with an arrogant and foolish diplomat.   

Everything Adara loves is threatened. Many she holds dear are at risk. Will she be able to save the Pritchard and her crew? Or will she lose all she loves again?

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Wayfarer Freedom

Adara can’t shake her grief. 

Without a ship and home, she feels untethered. Adara is pulled in many directions with her negotiations, training, and consulting. In the chaos of all her responsibilities, her life is threatened.  Is it because of the crimes she’s helped solve, the enemies she’s made at Command or with Nukpana?  Who is after her?  She struggles to find her balance as Decker is injured protecting her. 

Wayfarer independence comes before the legislature.  The clan leaders decide Adara is the best woman for addressing the large assembly.  Adara would like anyone else to do it but agrees because her people need her to. 

Will she be able to persuade them to give Wayfarer their independent status?

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Wayfarer Salvation

Adara’s pregnant! 

Adara and Decker experience the fears and joys of expecting their child.  Fears remain from the previous miscarriage.  Decker wants to protect her, shelter her. 

With twists and turns of crime fighting, pregnancy issues, and growing pains, the crew of the Phoenix fumble their way through the first days of their contracts with Decker, Hal, Adara, and all the command staff trying to guide them.

Will they succeed on the new ship?

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Wayfarer Expansion

Friend or foe?

Mostly over her morning sickness, Adara juggles Decker being over protective, a new relationship for her niece Jolen, and meeting a new race.  While escorting settlers to a new planet, Adara and Decker meet the Tuscalain people. 

Will they be as dangerous as the Hettians or an ally? 

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Wayfarer Acceptance

Adara gives birth!

Their daughter arrives early and under less than ideal circumstances. Finally they learn why so many attempts have been made on Adara’s life. While Adara and Decker get used to being parents, Jolen and Tillie take on a hacker. Rhia and Bas work on a murder case. Adara meets thirteen year old Bethania from the Holy Cross. The Holy Cross is an old private vessel carrying too many people.

It spells disaster.

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Wayfarer Convictions

Raiders, Tuscalains, and cold cases!

Walter Farento, a services efficiency expert observes the Phoenix. Rhia fumbles for leads in her cold case, while the hacker eludes Jolen. Avin hunts a firebug. Sabotage threatens the assembly of a new station. A breakthrough in the cold case points to something deeper and more sinister.

It all amounts to just another day on the job for Adara and Decker

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Wayfarer Limits

Command changes the rules.

Disagreeing without fighting, Adara and Decker face the new challenges as Command issues new mandates restricting how all members do their jobs.  Tension rises on the ship and across the human territory.  Diplomatic relations with the Tuscalains goes poorly for the humans but not for the Wayfarers. Racial unrest ripples across the human territory, hitting close to home with Adara’s family.

Will Decker and Adara get on the same page?

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Wayfarer Contentious

More Mandates!

Escalating conflicts plague the command staff and Decker and Adara.  New trainees arrive with an unexpected addition. 

Racial tensions rise with many attacks on other races. Allies are attacked, humans only is on the rise.

Have they reached a tipping point?

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Wayfarer Home

It’s time to leave!

Adara and Decker gather up the Wayfarers, Humans, Briskans, and a variety of other races to leave.  Friends, Georgette, Luke, and Drake, join them bring needed skills. 

Building a new society, Adara struggles with all the responsibilities on her shoulders.  An uncomfortable ship, seven months pregnant and a saboteur create an intolerable situation.  Teamwork and drawing on all resources, including the children, helps get all the tasks done and sets a precedent on how they move forward as they travel to their new home.

Will they survive the sabatuer?

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Wayfarer War

The Hettians attack!

Rushing through Human territory, Command does not respond to the attack leaving the outer stations, planets and settlements undefended. Death and destruction follow the Hettians.

Pregnant with twins, Adara fears for her family and her people.  She wants to fight, to protect but doesn’t have the fire power to take on the Hettians.  Short staffed and short on supplies, she questions every decision. 

The Lux becomes a way station for those escaping the Hettian invasion.  With assistance from the Etiennes, Adara works to rescue survivors but also tries to let the unsuspecting stations and settlements know what is headed their way. 

Will the Hettians annihilate the Humans?  Will any race be safe from them?

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Wayfarer Evolution

Humans only survives

Old prejudices haunt the Wayfarers as they make room for the survivors of the human race.  Little incidents of vandalism and bigotry pile up.  Adara and Decker face the day to day running of the Wayfarers both on planet and off.  With Oakes’ reassurance and Decker’s support, she plans to take the new ship and explore their sectors. 

Before they can go, humans only make an attempt to harm their children and family. Taking a hands off approach, the investigation is handled by people outside the family.  Violence against the family and Adara’s assistants lead to the Wayfarers first trial.

Back in space, Adara settles into running the Wayfarers and exploring space.  She finds comfort and excitement in learning how to delegate and balance her life.  But the conflict isn’t resolved and follows her. 

Will the Wayfarers and Humans come together?

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Wayfarer Resolve

Bigotry haunts Adara.

Adara and Decker set out in their new ship to take workers to Monroe and find a new planet for the Etiennes.  While they address violent riots on Homeworld, their children are attacked.  Adara must be Mathair Naclan – mother of the clans.  She learns to take control and stand firm behind her decisions which follow beliefs from a range of races including her own heritage of human and Wayfarer. The bigotry threatens the most vulnerable of her family. 

Bias within the Wayfarers and against the Wayfarers frustrates Adara as she and her admin council defend against the Humans only group.  The family is threatened by the people Adara rescued. 

Can they find a way to peace or will the prejudice tear apart the connections Adara and the Wayfarers are making?

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Bonus Material

Scent of Cudach Banyo
This is a little about Kit from the Wayfarer Series.  This story gives a peek into Kit’s life before Adeline from Kit’s point of view.  This is not a thoroughly edited piece.  If you like it contact me, I may do more. 

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