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A Stone’s Throw Ever thrown a stone into a lake and watched the ripples?  These poems explore the ripples of emotions caused by moments in life. This is a journey of battling societies expectations and beliefs while finding strength and power within. 

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Cover Photo by Suzanne Inez Jaillet-Isham

Moments in Nature Nature inspires, frightens, and amazes on a daily basis.  The poems in this collection all have something to do with nature – being in it, watching it, the passing of seasons.  Whether it is a beautiful winter day (or any of the other seasons) or a patch of wilderness amongst the perfectly tended civilized yards, these poems express the affect that moment in nature had on me.

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Cover Photo by Suzanne Inez Jaillet-Isham

Moments in Spirit Spiritual belief varies from individual to individual.  These poems represent spiritual moments and experiences from a Pagan perspective.  The poems offer strength, guidance, daily reminders, and balance when following a Pagan path.  Regardless of the spiritual path, they are meant to bring you closer to the divine being – whoever you believe that to be. Universal link for all stores

Cover photo of G. Walter Mesmer & farm worker

Moments in Life Moments in Life is about life which is sometimes hard, humorous, loving, difficult, and a wide range of other emotions.  Life is about the connections we make with friends, family, and even furry critters.  The poems in this volume address some of the things faced in life.  These can be pretty, loving, funny or they can be gritty and hard, painful and difficult.  Sometimes we have to scream at the injustices in the world and our life.  Sometimes we have to embrace what is, accept where we are, and rejoice in the blessings we have in our lives. Universal link for all stores

5 Star review on Amazon! “There is revealed in her work a refined sensibility, a presence informed by both insight and compassion. ”

Great review available on Midwest Book Review “Some of her work, like the lighter “Hiding in the Stall”, reads so much like song lyrics that by the end of it you practically have the tune worked out in your head. Other pieces, like the more contemplative “Wild Child”, are more likely to leave your mind quiet and reflective. Not a bad trick, getting both results (and many others) in the same slim volume.”

Great review on Facing North 

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price.

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