Draconian Peace (original cover)



Daughter of Hugh Bradon a human who caused the Draconian people embarrassment in the interstellar arena, Dewi Bradon lives in the squatters’ camps to hide from her family and the Draconians. Half human and half Draconian, she fights to survive and stay out of the brothels.

Son of the Lord whose grief caused anti-human laws, Lachlan Camdon, Draconian Lord, is willing to sacrifice taking a true mate to promote Draconians and gain entry to a lucrative trade alliance with the human race. Bias and prejudice have ripped Draconian and human relations apart for the last fifteen years but when Dewi is forced to become the mate of Lord Lachlan Camdon change ripples through their society.

Corruptions and crime are profitable. Ridding their current society of the worst corruptions and crimes creates a storm of conflict with Dewi and Lachlan at the center of it all. Can they overcome their own prejudices to create a better society for their two kinds?


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