Wayfarer Freedom (original cover)


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1 paperback with old cover Wayfarer Freedom


Decker sustains an injury while protecting Adara.  Will the forces against Adara and the Wayfarer succeed in eliminating her?

Adara can’t shake her grief.

Without a ship and home, she feels untethered. Adara is pulled in many directions with her negotiations, training, and consulting. In the chaos of all her responsibilities, her life is threatened.  Is it because of the crimes she’s helped solve, the enemies she’s made at Command or with Nukpana?  Who is after her?  She struggles to find her balance as Decker is injured protecting her.

Wayfarer independence comes before the legislature.  The clan leaders decide Adara is the best woman for addressing the large assembly.  Adara would like anyone else to do it but agrees because her people need her to.

Will she be able to persuade them to give Wayfarer their independent status?