Murder Next Door (original cover)


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The cop and the stripper?

Detectives Ronan Turner and Allen Sanchez investigate the death of Cat Lopez, when they clash with her neighbor Eloise Franklin, who discovered the body. A stripper by occupation, she senses Ronan’s dislike for her immediately and feels it affects the investigation.

After the death of her mother and step-father, Eloise raises her sister, Sasha, alone. As the investigation moves forward, Sasha helps lead the detectives toward the killer and something more sinister. Sasha’s innocent and cheerful outlook on life draws Ronan back to Eloise and Sasha for more than the investigation. As Eloise allows Ronan to spend more personal time with her and Sasha, her secrets are exposed. Ronan realizes he’s judged Eloise unfairly.

Ronan tries to find a killer and bring him to justice, but at the same time keep Eloise and Sasha safe from outside complications. Ronan works to build a family with the three of them. Will his quick judgement keep Eloise at arm’s length? Or will she give him another chance so they may explore the passion building between them?


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