Wayfarer (original cover)


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1 paperback with old cover Wayfarer


Recovered from the disaster of the Aegis, Adara longs to fly in space again.

Emotionally and physically battered, she applies to every piloting position but her heart and soul long to fly the Pritchard.  The Manu investigatory ship requires all types of flying from chasing raiders, rescuing ships in danger, and getting investigators on site.

Captain Decker Flannery gets to hire his entire crew for the first time.  He doesn’t want some damaged pilot to mess with the balance of his crew.  When one of his pilots takes a better offer, he has no choice but to hire Adara Stone, highest ranking survivor from the Aegis.  He doesn’t want her on his ship, he thinks she’s trouble.

Can Decker see through Adara’s quiet and discover more than he bargained for?