Wayfarer War (original cover)


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1 paperback with old cover Wayfarer War


In the wake of the Hettians invasion of human space, Adara, Decker, and the Wayfarers gather information and resources to aid the few survivors.

The Hettians attack!

Rushing through Human territory, Command does not respond to the attack leaving the outer stations, planets and settlements undefended. Death and destruction follow the Hettians.

Pregnant with twins, Adara fears for her family and her people.  She wants to fight, to protect but doesn’t have the fire power to take on the Hettians.  Short staffed and short on supplies, she questions every decision.

The Lux becomes a way station for those escaping the Hettian invasion.  With assistance from the Etiennes, Adara works to rescue survivors but also tries to let the unsuspecting stations and settlements know what is headed their way.

Will the Hettians annihilate the Humans?  Will any race be safe from them?