Craft Projects Looming

I love finishing projects.  I finished off a new pattern and started a second one.  Now I have to take pictures, measurements, and work on publishing it.  I’m going to go through my basket of in progress projects and figure out what I need to finish.  I’m fairly certain I have too many going right now.

I know for sure I have two blankets, a coin purse, and a skirt all going.  I have a basket of terry cloth all prepped for making into dish towels.  Then there’s the fleece I have in a piled up in bags and baskets.

Last night I spent my night doing nothing.  This is a rarity for me as I’m usually working on something but I just couldn’t manage last night.  I was too tired.

Tonight I plan to work a fleece blanket.  I have to do the whole process.  Ken washed it for me over the weekend, along with two other projects.  Tonight I’ll take my skip cutter to the blanket to cut the little holes so I can crochet around the edge.  Once I get that done, I’m planning to do three rows.  This sounds simple but it’s a yard and half of 60″ wide fabric.  This means two sides are 60″ and the other two are around 45 – 50″ I think.  That’s a lot of stitches.

If I manage to finish that project, I want to work on an idea I had for fleece fabric.  I’m hoping to have time tonight to work on that project too but I’ll see how long the blanket takes.  The other project is a complete experiment so Vicki is likely to end up with it.

I’m hoping by this weekend I can clear out some of these projects in order to reclaim some of my living room.  Of course my family is now laughing hysterically because if I clear out the current projects, there are always more projects right behind them.  

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