The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire

The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire Books I and II by Colette L. Saucier Genre: Paranormal Regency Romance FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER: The definitive vampire adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and its sultry sequel in one volume! Books 1 and 2 of the award-winning, international bestselling Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire, re-released in this … Continue reading The Confession of Mr. Darcy, Vampire

Sammy Davies

Sammy Davies and I met through social media. She's from Melbourne Victoria! Author Bio Sammy Davies was born in 1976 in Melbourne Victoria, to a beautiful couple Dot and John. Raised in Melbourne with her younger sister Karen and her two younger brothers Joel and Jack, she has lived over most of Victoria. Sammy has … Continue reading Sammy Davies


Underground: Revelations Underground Book 1 by John Grover Genre: Horror THEIR LAST REFUGE COULD BE THEIR TOMB... Underground: Revelations The war the world feared finally came except this was a different kind of war. One fought between the living and the dead. The living lost. Liam, a former soldier in the war against the dead, … Continue reading Underground

The Soul Searchers Mysteries

Donn's Hill The Soul Searchers Mysteries Book 1 by Caryn Larrinaga Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery Print Length: 290 pages Publication Date: April 5, 2019 Ghosts. Psychics. Murder. Just another day in Donn's Hill. Mackenzie Clair needs a fresh start. The death of her father and a broken relationship rendered her old life unlivable. What better … Continue reading The Soul Searchers Mysteries

The Target List

Author: Dr. John Reizer Narrator: Allen Grunerud Length: 1 hour 57 minutes Publisher: Dr. John Reizer Released: Sep. 12, 2019 Genre: Medical Thriller WAND is a revolutionary new medical tool that cures diseased tissues in human beings without the use of drugs or surgery. Ten years in design and production, the technology has a 95% … Continue reading The Target List

Annabel Horton and the Black Witch of Pau

Fantasy Release Date: Oct. 1, 2019 Publisher: Chattercreek Annabel’s husband, who has been missing for years, is finally discovered among the bowels of White Chapel England during the horror of Jack the Ripper. His discovery brings Annabel and her family to the turn of nineteenth-century England hoping to rescue Michele from the Black Witch’s cage. … Continue reading Annabel Horton and the Black Witch of Pau

Divorce by Grand Canyon

Divorce By Grand Canyon: 8 Riveting True Crime Stories by Elizabeth Engstrom Genre: Crime Thriller, Suspense Christian Longo. Jeremy Bryan Jones. Joel Patrick Courtney. Patrick Wayne Kearney. Russell Obremski. Robert Spangler. Gabriel Morris. Killers all. Veteran author Elizabeth Engstrom dives into the horrific stories of these seven serial killers, along with a glimpse into the … Continue reading Divorce by Grand Canyon


Fade The Ragnarok Prophecies Book 1 by A.K. Morgen Genre: YA Paranormal Romance What do you do when you realize nothing in your life is what you’ve believed it to be? When Arionna Jacobs loses her mother in a tragic accident, her world is turned upside down. She’s forced to leave her old life behind … Continue reading Fade

Claire Buss

Claire Buss and I met through social media. She interviewed me for her blog and I'm returning the favor. Her books look interesting and are on my to read list. Author Bio Claire Buss is a multi-genre author and poet based in the UK. She wanted to be Lois Lane when she grew up but work … Continue reading Claire Buss

The Chosen Coven

The Dark Awakening The Chosen Coven Book 1 by D.L. Blade Genre: Paranormal Thriller, Romance He was there, in the shadows again, watching me. Now I wait for him to strike. But I’ll be ready. Just as Mercy pieces her life back together after a vicious attack, she notices a stranger lingering in the shadows, … Continue reading The Chosen Coven