It Died!

My netbook has been a faithful and constant companion for the last five years.  I tried to start it Friday and it wouldn’t start.  I had to plug it in and it was sluggish.  I panicked!  I need my netbook.  It is vital.  Yesterday I tried to start it and it wouldn’t start.  Eventually, Ken got it to start but the functionality of it was super slow.  I use my netbook every single night.  I use it to edit, check email, post, write.  I must have my netbook.  I’m nearing the end of a writing project and all I want to do is write.  Not having my netbook work is an emergency!

I took a deep breath and realized I was going to have to say goodbye to my netbook.  It makes me sad but I need something reliable and usable.  This meant a trip to Best Buy.  I hate shopping.  Best Buy is loud, has lots of lights and video, it is sensory overload.  But I needed a new netbook or something similar.

We looked at the smaller computers.  We found one under the price we wanted to pay.  The salesman said what do you do with it.  I explained.  He said oh that won’t work.  Let’s go look at tablets.

When I write, I typically have three things open – Word, Excel, and some sort of internet connection (Chrome or IE).  I told them a tablet would not be my first choice.  They were all it does this and this and this.  I was uncertain but let them talk me into it.

By the time we were done adding accessories to the tablet, we were $100 over what I wanted to spend.  I really am trying to save for a vacation.  I brought it home, set it up, and couldn’t get the keyboard to work.  I called because that’s what they said to do.  I was told to bring it in.  When I asked what it would cost, they said probably not anything.

At this point, I’m fairly certain there is smoke blowing out my ears.  I’ve also realized there’s no way to charge the tablet while I’m writing and having a flashdrive attached.

Geeksquad helped us.  He got the keyboard to work and I asked about the charging and he said no you can’t do both.  I explained my dilemma.  At first he was a bit snippy with me but as we talked he said, why did you buy a tablet?  You clearly need a small laptop.  He walked us over, we looked at the options he suggested and opted to change out to a laptop.

Now all I wanted to do since Friday night was work on finishing the story.  I need a few hours of uninterrupted time and I should be able to complete the story.  Yet I was interrupted with a friend visiting, a haircut, and a breakdown of my netbook.

I bring the laptop home.  I spend an hour or so setting it up.  I’m frustrated – more because I’m not writing than with the laptop.  Ken goes to bed.  I plug in my flashdrive and write.  It’s like the world snapped into place.  All is right again.

Now today, I’m down to these three or four scenes.  I’ll likely finish them off at some point today depending on how much time Ken and I spend together.  While my netbook died and I’ll miss it, I’ve been able to replace it and get back to writing.

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