Mini Vacation

Ken has flown the coop to visit our daughters in Georgia.  This means I get the house to myself (mostly).  Our middle daughter has moved home so she’s there when she’s not working.  However, I have the next five days off.  I’ve got plans, so many plans – too many to get done in a matter of five days.  This means I’ll pick and choose which of them I want to get done the most.

I’ve got household, publishing, crochet, and writing projects all on my list and all screaming at me.  My house is chaos.  I’m going to attempt to get one room done this weekend.  I’ve gotten through a large part of the sorting but need some help.  My niece is coming out to help so fingers crossed by the end of the weekend my office will be organized and clean.

If we actually manage to finish the office, the next step for me is the dining room.  My dining room table is heaped with stuff.  I’m hoping we can clear it off and maybe get the table out of the room.  It’s an old table and too big for the space.  I’ll have to see how things go but I’m hoping to get it out of there.

With any luck, I’ll get a little bit done in each category.  I also have to pay bills, prep for grocery shopping, and do all the usual pay week errands and chores.  I need more energy and less pain in order to get everything done I want to.

Tonight will be crocheting.  I’m working on finishing projects and making things to put out when we have the rummage sale.  While I veg out in front of the tv tonight, I’m going to work on either a shawl or some dishcloths.

Last night when I couldn’t sleep, I watched a show on the Spencer family in the UK (Princess Diana’s family) and made 1 1/2 dish cloths.  It will be more of the same tonight.

Vicki’s usually up around 5:00 and gets me up around 6:00 so I intend to stay awake and work on several projects.  While I’m alone in the house tomorrow, I want to get as much as I can crammed into the day.  It will be bill paying, organizing the office, and if my legs can manage it maybe some publishing of crochet patterns.  This is my plan.  Now the next question is – how well will this plan go?  I guess I’ll see tomorrow.

Friday, my niece comes out.  Since I’ll be doing some heavy duty cleaning with her, I might take it a bit easy in the morning before she gets there.  Vicki will have me up at 6:00 though so I could get more work in whether that’s crocheting or editing in my recliner or publishing crochet patterns, I don’t know yet.

At some point, I’ll have to make a grocery list, set up a menu for the next month, and clip coupons.  I’ve got a lot to fit in over the next few days.  I might end up needing a vacation from my vacation.

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