Mishmash of Gobbledy Gook

Paperwork done.  Next is yarn and crafting stuff with my niece.  I can’t wait.  It will be fun to wander through what I have and then go shopping for what we need.

Today is going to be filled with book work and updating things.  I have to work on my web site and marketing details.  I have books to get in the mail.  It’s all the administrative stuff.

Ken leaves in six days to go to Atlanta.  People are trying to horn in on my alone time and I’m guarding it like a fierce dragon.  I have PLANS.  I’m busy busy busy busy while he is gone.

Tomorrow I’m working on crocheting for the girls in Atlanta.  They’ve put in their request so I am hoping to get a good chunk of it done tomorrow.  It will be good to make things for them as they don’t often request crocheted stuff from me.

I think we are going to watch Justified and Babylon 5 tomorrow.  The fifth season of Justified is free on Amazon so we’re enjoying it as we’ve been waiting a while for it to become free (for prime users).

Tax season starts soon.  I have a bunch of documents to print out for my business and my finances.  Ken’s got his paperwork.  Then it’s a matter of which family members are going to want me to do their taxes.  I’ve already told them it won’t be until after Ken comes back.  I am NOT giving up my hermit time.  I have a to do list of writing to get wade through.  I’m hoping to be extremely productive.

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