Personal Writer’s Retreat

I’ve looked at writer retreats and they are either too expensive, too far away, or the facilities I’m uncertain of how handicap friendly they are.  I still want to go on one and may invest in it in the future.

Starting Friday I am off work for ten days.  I have one thing scheduled and may have one other thing.  Aside from those two, I’m planning to write, write, write, and write.  I have a bunch of editing and production stuff I want to get done.  After I wade through all of those tasks, my plan is to spend my time writing.  I have two novels I really want to finish.

Fair warning if you bug me I’ll probably be grumpy about it.  I’ve already told people this.  I’m also not planning on spending a lot of time showering or eating or maybe I’ll stay in jammies all week while I write.  I definitely plan to follow more of my natural schedule when it comes to sleep.

Ken will be working.  He will be there in the evenings to pester me but that will be good for me as it will take me out of my head and remind me to deal with the regular aspects of life like showering.  I’ll have all my stuff there – my netbook and computer, my reference materials, maps and so on for the one story I want to work on.

Two work days and then I’m off to write and be in my own little world.  It will be wonderful!

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