Yesterday I was busy with writing.  I published a book, downloaded reports from the companies who I publish through, printed a manuscript for editing, finished editing one manuscript and got a third of the way through another.  It was a busy day.

In addition to all the writing things, I talked to all three of my daughters, organized coupons, and spent time with Ken.  It was a good day with a bit of balance in the day.

This morning I’ll be putting edits into the computer for the manuscript I finished a round of editing.  I have more coupons to go through.  I want to work on croheting.  I also have to get stuff ready for work this week.

I now have nine books under my name.  This is way beyond what I thought I would do in a year.  In the next two months, I’m hoping to get two more books out.  The two manuscripts I’ve been editing need to have a nice polish put on them and then out for readers to enjoy (I hope).  The one will be Wayfarer Immemorial, the third installment of the Wayfarer series.  The other will be a new book about magic, love, good versus evil, betrayal and a bit of redemption.  I’ve not named it yet but it will hopefully be ready by the end of November.

I’ve been submitting short stories and other items to other places and having absolutely no success.  I don’t know that I’m successful with the books but they are at least out there for people to try.

My relaxing weekend has been full of writing and hopefully today a bit of crocheting while I catch up on the tv shows I’m behind on – NCIS LA, Dr. Who, Person of Interest.  I hope I can finish the current scarf I’m working on and then start some of my holiday crocheting.  I’ll just have to see how things go though because the editing is really calling to me.

I started the fourth Wayfarer book and have struggled with getting more down.  It’s in my head, I just can’t seem to decide which scenes to write first.  I realized last night the moon is in the full phase.  This is almost always a non-creative time for me but a productive time in getting things done.  I can only assume as the moon shifts to the dark moon I’ll get back on track with the fourth Wayfarer book.  I also have a bunch of information in my head about the last Defenders book and the second book in another series I’m working on.  I just need the time to get it all into the computer.

A Night Off

It may seem shocking but last night I did nothing more than watch a movie.  I am at a place in editing that I’m trying to figure out the next step to put between two scenes and none of the other stories I’m working on drew me in.  I didn’t even want to watch tv really but I watched the new episode of Dr. Who.  Not sure how I feel about the new doctor.  After I watched Ever After.  It is one of my favorite Cinderella stories. 

It was relaxing and non-thinking.  The stories that bounce around my head were quiet for a couple of hours.  The Cinderella story is one of my favorites.  The Ever After version of it shows a strong woman not willing to take crap from anyone who overcomes a lot.  Instead of the Prince rescuing her, she rescues him – many times – and in the end they rescue each other.  Plus it is a bit of a sappy love story and I like those.

Instead of working non-stop, it was nice to take a break from constant working but at the same time I feel like my brain didn’t really take a break.  I think I figured out what the scene I’ve been mulling on will be.  I’ve had one story in my head just hanging there stuck in trying to figure out what it wants to be.  It may have developed into a story of sorts – it needs a bit more mulling to see what the overarcing plot will be.  I’ve got the opening dozen scenes but more than that I’m not sure.  Until I am it will probably just stay in my head.

A night off was helpful in giving my brain a break but it didn’t help me sleep any better.  I still woke up several times and didn’t get a lot of sleep. 

While I can’t sleep, I’m just going to keep plugging away.  Right now I have three novels to edit, one to finish (well more than that if I look at all my projects) and one novel to do a final read through before I start production.  The artist is working on the cover and interior pictures.  In addition to all of these, I need to get some time in on marketing. 

So much to do and so little time.  I love almost all of it and even the parts I’m not thrilled about don’t annoy me over much. 

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