Mom Bragging Moment (or several)

Normally I try to keep my kids out of my writing as I want to respect their right to privacy.  There are just some things that I have to share. 

Of all the people in my life, my daughters are the most incredible women I know.  Yes, I know I’m their mom so I’m supposed to say that.  My feelings go beyond the mom thing. 

Where we started, according to a lot of people, we were doomed to fail.  According to statistics, my daughters were supposed to get pregnant and fail in life because I was pregnant at 17.  They haven’t done that. 

My oldest daughter just got another promotion at work.  She works for Wells Fargo and they have a policy about not promoting unless you’ve been in a position for one year.  This makes her second promotion in under eight months.  She has always been a good worker and a dedicated employee. 

My middle daughter has opted to go back to school and work on a second bachelor’s degree.  She already has one in History and Religion.  She will be going for a degree in psychology.  She has settled into her new job in Indiana and is looking for something to occupy her.

My youngest daughter has been very busy.  In June, she got a big promotion which took her a year (nearly) of preparation for their guidelines.  Additionally she just started grad school for forensic drug chemistry.  Her job is demanding so I know it will be a challenge for her to keep up with all the demands on her but I also know she is very capable of managing all of this.

The girls (I can’t help it – I know they are in their late twenties and early thirties but they are still my girls) are strong, self-aware, intelligent, beautiful people.  They are loving, caring, and socially conscious. 

If I needed an example of good people, I have three right there.  I’m very proud of my girls.  They are the best people they can be and have moved forward with their lives as they were meant to.  Congratulations for all the good things going on in my daughters lives.  It couldn’t happen to better people!