Word Geek

I’m a word geek.  I get a daily email with a word, definition and origin.  I like the way words sounds, how they look when you write them and where words can take you.  More than that though, I’m a Word – as in Microsoft Word – geek.

I’m working on a manual at my day job.  I’m only copying content so I get to focus on the construction of the manual.  Things like font, themes, colors, headings, table of contents, tables, and so much more.

It’s registration time and I’m stressed out trying to get back to people promptly so they can get registered for the correct classes.  In between the large number of emails, I’m working on this document.  I contacted people to find out the colors for the University.  In Word you can create your own color palette to match the colors for the company you work for.  I got to do this today.  It was fun.

In addition to that there’s all this other stuff that when it comes to crafting the document is a bit fussy – in a fun way – but ultimately when I’m done the document will look wonderful and can easily be updated and changed as it is needed.

It will sound geeky – I know it does – but when I sent off the hard copy to the faculty I am working with, I was proud of the document I created and a little sad I wouldn’t be able to use more of those skills more often in my job.

So you can visualize me in the geeks corner confessing – Hi I’m a geek, I love words and Word!