Villains and other fun characters…

Villains are fun and difficult to write.  In the manuscript I’m working on I’ve been so focused on the good guys the bad guys have been somewhat vague as they are just bit parts.  This criminal is brought to justice and the good guys win.  Now the good guys are dealing with worse bad guys and these have names and powers.  They aren’t just non-descript criminals. 
I’m just getting into introducing the big bad guy.  He has been eluded to often but never described.  I have to get into his head and figure out how to make him three dimensional and not a caricature of a bad guy.  He is somewhat surrounded by others who are bad guys too so these characters have to be well developed. 
I’ve just started the character development so it will be interesting to see how this goes.  I want my bad guy to have almost no redeeming characters.  Yet I may have to throw a twist or two in there – I don’t know yet. 
I was feeling a bit stopped up as I felt I was dragging this story on too long.  I was thinking it might be time to find a way to finish it off quickly but now (after a night of little sleep) I’ve come up with several ideas that are all bursting to get out and I’ll have to make sure I get them down on paper soon. 
This last weekend I was hoping for some writing time but didn’t get any.  Mostly because I opted to spend the few hours I had to myself (yes during the super bowl) watching DVDs.  I was feeling like I had let myself down by not taking the time to write. 

Whether from lack of sleep or down time I don’t know I suddenly have the story flowing from my fingers with alacrity.  I am once more wishing I could spend all my time writing instead of working my day job…

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