What Veggie Are You?

My arm is giving me grief again.  I’ve got three crochet projects I want to work on but every time I crochet I end up with pain in my arm.  Rest is the best medicine at this point.

I’ve gotten the editing done I wanted on the short stories.  Now I have to write summaries, make covers, submit them where I want them and move forward with publication on some of them.

Work has been chaotic.  My days are filled with projects and so many daily tasks and requests I can’t count them.  I’m happy to get the projects off my desk as it cleans up and clears out some of the backlog.

My down time has been lazy.  I’ve not been writing much or crocheting because of my arm.  I did finish watching John Adams which was a mini series put out by HBO (I think) about the second president.  It was fairly interesting and well done.  How close it came to the actual man’s life, no idea.

I came across the HBO Band of Brothers and I’m watching it.  The first episode was interesting and I love that they interviewed WWII vets to discuss the events which they made the film about.

The new seasons have hit so I got to see the first episode of Big Bang Theory and when it ended, I said, where’s the next one?  It made me laugh and go awww a few times.  After my long and busy day at work, it is nice to come home and watch something that makes me laugh.  Tonight I’ll be curling up and watching a few of the Band of Brothers episodes to see if the mini series continues to be good.  Tomorrow will be a long day of work which is why I need to be a vegetable tonight.

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