KC Freeman

KC and I met through a mutual acquaintance. We share a love for the fantasy genre! Author Bio KC Freeman lives in North Carolina with her husband, five children, and the dog who daily trips her going up the stairs. After leaving her corporate job to be a stay-at-home-mom, she found her way back to … Continue reading KC Freeman

Noelle Rhan Johnson

Noelle Rahn Johnson is back for another visit with me. She's a fellow Midwesterner! Author Bio Noelle currently lives in Northern Minnesota with her husband, their four children, and a few pets of the 4-legged kinds. She spends most of her days puttering away on the keyboard with a breathtaking view of a lake in … Continue reading Noelle Rhan Johnson

Branden LaNette

Once Upon a Time, Bitches Branden LaNette came to me through a tour company. Author Bio Branden LaNette doesn’t look like a typical author but she has long ignored what she “should” do, say and look like. On her own at a very young age, Branden eventually found herself with the wrong guy, the wrong … Continue reading Branden LaNette

Kristal McKerrington

Kristal McKerrington and I met through a mutual acquaintance. Author Bio: Kristal appeared on the BBC as a child, she also did appearances on the BBC Radio stations. Kristal had a great deal of interest in studying medicine before she became a author. Kristal retired from dance 2008. XoXo Publishing gave Kristal her start in publishing with … Continue reading Kristal McKerrington

Dave Harvey

Dave Harvey and I met through a mutual acquaintance. We both write science fiction. Author Bio David Harvey has seven books published on Amazon. The first three books are a Trilogy, a fictional / science fictional series. He started writing in June 2014 and long before conclusion was reached, realized it was better suited to … Continue reading Dave Harvey

Lucy Irving

Lucy Irving and I met through a mutual friend. Her book in non-fiction and about abuse so please take care of yourself. Tell us about yourself I am Lucy and my entire life I've been a victim of abuse. Yet, I have always had a big personality and lots of strength. I am 38 yrs … Continue reading Lucy Irving

J.C. Seal

J.C Seal and I met through social media. She's from Germany which is on my list of places to visit! She also mentions one of my favorite authors - Anne McCaffrey! Author Bio Janina Carol (J.C.) Seal I’m from Germany, from the beautiful Black Forest area. I live in a small townhouse with my loving … Continue reading J.C. Seal

Avery Moore

Avery Moore and I connected through a mutual friend. I learned about a new genre with her interview! Author Bio Avery Moore is author of dark romances featuring angsty heroes, bad boys, and delicious reverse harems. Always a happy ever after! Tell us about yourself. So, I’m Avery! I like to think I’m a bit … Continue reading Avery Moore

Jamie Della

Jamie Della and I connected through a mutual friend. She writes non-fiction. Author bio JAMIE DELLA has studied magick and spirituality from around the world for more than twenty years. As a practitioner of healing arts, she leads workshops and ritual retreats on earth-based spirituality. Jamie is the author of eight books, including The Book of … Continue reading Jamie Della

Lori Aisling and I met through mutual friends. I love that she considers herself a country girl! Author Bio Lori Aisling lives her life wrapped up in the fantasy worlds that dance around in her brain. Blessed with the gift of gab, Lori started her obsession with storytelling by working in the radio industry. Her … Continue reading