Morgan Worth, Editor, Beta Reader, Proofreader

Morgan and I bumped into each other on social media. Since she offers services for beta reading and proofreading I thought it would be wonderful to have a description of what these two things are and how they work if you hire someone. Tell us a little about yourself I get paid to read books! … Continue reading Morgan Worth, Editor, Beta Reader, Proofreader

Joseph Wozniak

Joseph Wozniak and I connected on Facebook to talk about books and editing.  We reconnected recently to discuss more writing things.  Tell us a little about yourself.  I grew up in Va Beach, VA. Went to college in Kentucky. I have a Business degree and my minor was English. My wife and I live in Denver, … Continue reading Joseph Wozniak

Tanya Oemig

Tanya Oemig and I met at the reader event earlier this month.  She came up to my table and started chatting.  Very quickly we realized we lived near each other.  It was a nice opener to have a lovely discussion about writing and the local area. Tell us a little about yourself.  I took one … Continue reading Tanya Oemig

Dennis Doty

Dennis Doty contacted me through a writers group.  He's an editor who I thought would give a good perspective on editing. Tell us a little about yourself.    After 10 years in the Marines, I spent two years in college and twenty-two years in retail management. I retired early for health reasons and found writing was … Continue reading Dennis Doty

Brian Paone

Brian Paone and I met through a Facebook writer's group.  He's a published author and editor. Tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Salem, MA and was a police officer for 16 years (2002 – 2018). I am married to a US Naval Commander, and we have 4 kids (ages 11, 9, … Continue reading Brian Paone

Barbara Ardinger

Barbara Ardinger and I met through a writers group which we were both involved with.  The group is long gone but I enjoyed Barbara's directness and honesty so kept in touch.  When I decided to start these interviews, She came to mind first as an editor to interview.  She's been editing for a long time … Continue reading Barbara Ardinger