TK Lawyer

A relationship was the one thing Tamara didn’t want.

Burned by men, Tamara was done with dating.  But someone keeps popping up from her past with reminders of what could’ve been.  She faintly recalls Josh, a handsome man she didn’t dare take a chance with, but the past is the past.  She shut the door on that option long ago…or did she? 

Josh’s nightly runs end at a home he is unfamiliar with.  The tantalizing scent inside calls to him, beckons him to explore and urges him to stay.  So when the owner takes him in and he realizes she’s his mate, Josh is lost as to what to do.  He can’t stay in the crazy situation and he no longer wants to remain her pet, Nightfall.  He needs Tamara, now, in his bed, permanently.

Josh will stop at nothing to convince Tamara he is the one for her.  But will she succumb to his charm and open her battered heart to a new, promising future- with him?  Or will she walk away from the wolf who wants to love her, forever?

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Josh threw his keys onto the kitchen table and then headed toward Tamara. “I’m home. I hope you’re ready because I’m taking you out.”

She poked her head out from around the corner and said, “What was that?”

Josh grinned and reached out to grab her. His soft lips molded sensuously against hers. Tingles zipped from her lips straight down between her legs, zinging desire into her most intimate of areas. Her knees weakened, and his grip tightened as she became a heavy weight in his arms. She swooned back toward the oven and had to brace herself against the counter. Her mitts surrounded and molded themselves into the base of his neck. Josh shifted them into the L-shaped corner. Then pulled Tamara impossibly closer, crushing their bodies together. Ravishing her lips thoroughly, he released her and started to walk away when Tamara slapped him playfully on the rear.

Josh turned with a growl, and she jumped back in surprise. Her rear hit the handle of the oven door and his eyes narrowed. His lips curled up into a devilish grin, while Josh eyed her quizzically, tilting his head over to one side.

“Are you trying to seduce me? Because you really don’t need to.”

She swished her hips playfully. “I’m just teasing.”

Josh snickered as he leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “You little minx. You better not try that again before I get some other ideas of what to do with you.” He watched her in the ensuing silence, his eye color turning somewhat murky. His husky voice caught her off guard, almost in a growl, “Is that what you want, Tamara?”

Her heartbeat quickened. Josh looked like he was going to pounce on her at any minute without warning. Actually, his growl should have been warning enough. It reminded her that he was not all he seemed to be, and it scared her a bit every time.

Tamara backed up into the drawer behind her and he stepped toward her with a triumphant snarl. Josh gently pinned her hands between her back and the drawer, and then laid each of his hands aside her, against the upper cabinet door. He leaned in and kissed her deeply, possessively. His tongue teased and taunted her easily into submission. Tamara wriggled back and forth against the counter and whimpered. She struggled for a while, pushing her body against his strong arms and firm weight, trying to free her hands. His massive build and strength dominated her and held her body still. His grin widened, and he kissed her once more before pulling away.

He growled against her neck, the low vibration of his breath against her skin sent a wave of pleasure through her body. Suddenly, he lifted away from her with a slight tremor. “We better stop now, my sweet, or neither of us will have a chance to leave. I’d love nothing more than to ravish you, however, this evening is kind of important to me and I’ve got a reservation waiting.”

Club Wonderland – Sinner’s Playground book 8

by Jupiter Dresden

Club Wonderland is my escape, taking me out of my comfort zone of being the shy, innocent girl. Here, it doesn’t feel like work, even on the hardest days.

As the bartender, I’m the one they spill their secrets to, even the darkest desires they don’t dare tell anyone else.

One night, a mysterious woman appears at the club, whispering things in my ear. Sins that are more unspeakable than what we do at Wonderland. The more she whispers the more I want to join her.

My name is Candi Martel. I don’t know how much longer I can resist my sins.

Rhapsody in Black

by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

A different kind of cozy…

Elena del Carral has been invited to dance at a Gala Performance by none other than Derek Michaels, founder of the world-renowned Terpsichore Ballet in New York City. She’s also been invited to audition for Black Rhapsody, the unfinished ballet from the late choreographic master, René Fauchier. Delighted, Elena accepts the invitation, knowing this performance will enhance her career, not only as a principal dancer but also as an up-and-coming choreographer, as well.

But Elena holds a secret, too, one which revolves around Black Rhapsody itself. Unfortunately, no one warned Elena, when she arrived in New York, that her revelation would spark a chain of events that would involve attempted murder and finding an almost dead body in the rehearsal hall.


“Ah. Stop the press. The prodigal returns. Time to kill the fatted calf.”

Oh, hell.

Elena recognized the mockery and voice immediately. Justin. Justin Bakare. Ex-lover, conniver, exploiter, and all-around son of a bitch…

“I see the years haven’t changed your sunny disposition,” she said, her voice dripping with a slight touch of venom. “Praise just gushes out from your viper tongue, as always.”

“And I see your bitchiness hasn’t improved in five years,” Justin responded, throwing his ballet duffle on the floor.

Kane’s Reckoning

by JR Bryers

When Emily Snow travels to Scotland to meet handsome entrepreneur Kane Blackwood, she had three objectives.
Return the man’s painting.
Have a holiday.
And see the sights.
It was a dream come true, a chance of a lifetime. And one she couldn’t pass up.
After meeting the devastatingly attractive businessman in person, however, she realizes that Kane Blackwood, with his dark, good looks, and sexy Scottish charm, was everything she looked for in a man.
But when secrets are revealed that shatter her entire existence, can she accept the past, and embrace a destiny that had been foretold long ago?
Or should she walk away forever…?

Club Wonderland – Whispers in Wonderland book 7

by Alyndra Quinn

You are hereby invited to an exclusive gathering…

Don your mask, embrace your darkness, and follow your consuming desires to Club Wonderland. Here imagination meets sensation, innocence melds with experience, and all tastes are permitted.

Consent must be explicit and freely given without exception.

Join us in our place of wonder to test your boundaries and find out how far you are truly willing to adventure.

Authors Note: We have something for everyone to enjoy, but we suggest that you check each author’s blurbs for your preferred level of steam. Please be aware that these stories may have triggers… proceed with caution.

Club Wonderland – Mine book 6

by Ava M Taylor

Welcome to Wonderland

Annabel Rouch is a self-made billionaire. She’s 42 and been divorced three times. Her only daughter has left for college and she’s alone in her home for the first time since her daughter’s birth. She’s strong, take charge and she finds men being in charge laughable.

Nicole Bennet dominates men. She makes them bend to her will and she makes them pay. When she meets Andrew Porter and Ryan Miller she knows they are hers to use and benefit from. She just needs them to sign her slave contract. She wanted them under her thumb.

Friends and millionaires Andrew Porter and Ryan Miller prefer to have a woman direct them during their intimate times. They’re smart men who have come a long way in their professional lives but their personal lives are missing something.

Two women want these men to submit to them. Which of them will earn their loyalty?

Club Wonderland – Depths of Glory book 5

by Melody Calder

Welcome to Wonderland

In the pulsating heart of the city’s most exclusive club, where desire thrives in the shadows, I’m known only as Glory. An intended pun considering my preference for encounters.

Hidden behind dark curtains, I give pleasures to those who seek anonymity like myself. My thrills are heightened by the secret hiding with me, knowing they can’t see what’s happening beyond the small hole in my drape.

The secret is my pleasure alone until he comes to play.

Somehow he knows and he’s pulled to the forbidden as much as I am. Like a moth to a flame, he’s determined to unravel my shroud and give into our deepest desires. Am I willing to give into temptation and open myself to a whole new world and all the complications which may arise? The more he comes to see me, the more I desire shedding masks, consequences be damned.

Authors Note: We have something for everyone to enjoy, but we suggest you check each author’s blurbs for your preferred level of steam. Please be aware these stories will have triggers… proceed with caution.
Depths of Glory is a part of the Club Wonderland shared world and contains situations not for the faint of heart. This is a polym book with sharing involved and contains sexually explicit materials not suitable for those under 18.

The Angel and The Beast

by Virginia Wallace

The world of men has fallen.

The predictable demise of the ‘New World Order’ led to a truly new social order: the rise of of the Ancient Ones, with the angel-born Nephilim as their masters. With the mighty dragons at their beck and call, the Nephilim wasted no time in creating a nightmarish world in their own image.

For centuries, the Sardonican Church maintained some semblance of order in the more civilized nations. Now, the Church is being challenged by a mysterious rebel leader known only as ‘the Dark One.’ Among all the Nephilim, there has never been a warrior more formidable—or more feared.

Something evil lurks in the Dark One’s blood; this much is obvious. And that reality begs the question: is a man nothing more than a product of his bloodline, upbringing, and environment? Or rather, is his identity forged by his actions? The fate of the civilized world hinges upon that terrible question.

Whatever the case may be, Karis—the erstwhile Angel of Death—is about to discover the answer.


“So tell me, Reaper,” said Leif, lifting his teacup once more. “How much did they pay you to end my life?”

            “Enough,” said Karis dismissively. “A girl needs to eat, you know.”

            “That she does,” agreed Leif. “And thus, I bear you no ill will. But tell me, Fallen One . . . do you love this Church you serve, or are you just doing a job?”

            “That shouldn’t matter to you! snarled Karis. “Your fate will be the same, whether it’s for gold or for love.”

            “You speak the truth,” said Leif, setting down his teacup. “But the Church is desperate now, is it not? The Dark One is leading his armies relentlessly toward Moravia, bent on toppling the rule of the Church. What will you do, Assassin, if he succeeds?”

            “He will not succeed!” said Karis firmly.

            “So said the Church of yesteryear, as well,” said Leif with a chuckle. “But your fate is your own to decide; mine has befallen me at last. Perform your task, Reaper.”

            “Raise your arm,” said Karis, looking away. “Above your head.”

            “Right or left?” asked Leif.

            “It doesn’t matter,” said Karis, reaching for her belt.

            The old Nephilim raised an arm over his head, smiling as he stared the Reaper dead in her black eyes. Karis drew her dagger from her belt.

            She struck in the blink of an eye, downward into the armpit, and straight into the heart …

The Children of Apep

by Virginia Wallace

Gerald Kowalski was always a strange boy. He’s quiet, smart, obsessed with comic books, and nothing at all like his coarse, dim-witted parents. He is also a dreamer, which is a depressing thing to be in a sleepy, small town like Watsonville.

Little does Gerald know that a strange family of witches is about to reveal a shocking truth to him, one he has suspected his entire life: that the world as we know it is simply a façade, a shell . . .

And the world within that shell is a waking nightmare!


Gerald stared at his shoes for a moment and then looked at Kylie. She still looked a bit nervous, as though this situation made her ill at ease. Before he knew it, Gerald was fishing in the pocket of his shorts. He felt a moment of panic, fearing that he’d lost the object of his search while he’d been swimming. But no, there it was—the soggy ten-spot that old Widow Fitzgerald had left in her mailbox for him.

He slid it across the counter as Kylie beamed at him. Gerald was about to say ‘thank you’ when the old woman grabbed him by the collar, and yanked him close.

            He panicked as she began whispering into his ear. “What is done, young man, cannot now be undone,” she whispered vehemently. “You have made a covenant, one that will not be consummated for many a year. But the day will come, as surely as the sun rises in the east. You made another covenant last night when you took the book, and the day will come in which you must pay the piper for that one, too. Now go, young man, and may the ages be kind to you!”

            Gerald backed away from the counter, frightened. “Thank you, ma’am,” he whispered. He took Kylie’s hand, placed the pendant into it, and pulled her fingers closed around it. “This is for you,” he whispered. “I hope you like it.”

Vortex of Desire – Cosmic Connection

Vortex of Desire is Black Velvet Seductions’ latest Sci-fi Romance Anthology. It contains an amazing group of authors who journey beyond space and time to prove love has no boundaries. Join us as we venture into perilous worlds and explore hidden desires which lie beyond the wormhole; or discover a torrent of adventures here on earth and experience love that will not be denied. Whether it’s a trek through the stars or an escape into new realities close to home, Vortex of Desire has something for everyone: mystery, humor, sweet to spicy romances, adventure and suspense. These diverse writers will transport you to new realms and introduce you to intriguing life forms, aliens, exotic creatures, mad scientists, and monsters. Buckle up and get ready to experience the twists and turns of Vortex of Desire. We hope you enjoy the voyage.

Cosmic Connection

Angelika Devlyn

In a future where Earth is uninhabitable and humanity survives in biodomes, Aurora is a brilliant scientist working tirelessly to save her people from extinction. She’s used to being in control, but in her quiet moments, she yearns for something more. That’s where Leo comes in. He’s the perfect alien boyfriend she’s created in her imagination, and with him, she can let go of all her inhibitions.

As Aurora’s passion grows, her connection to Leo becomes more real than ever before. With each electric touch and pulsating sensation, she realizes that her imaginary lover might not be so imaginary after all. But when she finally meets Leo, she must navigate the challenges of their vastly different worlds and the secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

Cosmic Connection is a thrilling and steamy adventure that will take you to the furthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond. Join Aurora as she embarks on a cosmic journey to explore the vast depths of the universe, where she discovers the pleasures of letting go and giving in to the unknown. Follow her as she learns to surrender to her innermost yearnings, and discovers a world of ecstasy and fulfillment beyond her wildest dreams. Get ready for a wild ride that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.


Explore the depths of the universe with Aurora and Leo in Cosmic Connection – where love transcends time and space!