Doctor’s Secret

The obstinate doctor is putting her family name at risk with his over-the-top demands and bullish nature. But he’s her responsibility, her family says, and she must find a way to keep him in line. If she doesn’t, he won’t get the hospital operating room—the robotic suite her family has funded—functional.

Garrett Branston is a workaholic with a sharp wit and irresistible charm—but his charm isn’t working on gorgeous McKenzie Carver. She might be suggesting he chill, but the attraction between them is anything but cold.

When she tells him he needs some serious PR intervention and suggests a fake engagement to redeem his reputation, he agrees, as long as she’s the one to pose as his fiancee.

But Garrett is still hiding something, and McKenzie fears his secrets will ruin everything her family has built.

Read this Everyday Heroes story about characters who are flawed, wounded, have odd quirks, yet are raw and honest. Characters who have the ability to make a story magical.

A magical life is what Lyz wishes for everyone. Actually, isn’t that what we all wish for?

A healing love is at the heart of all of award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author Lyz Kelley’s books. She mixes a spoonful of heart, healing, humanity, happiness, hope and honor in these small-town stories written especially for you. Creating these wounded yet amazing characters—discovering what drives them, frightens them, heals them, makes them laugh—is what gives her joy.

She’s also a total disaster in the kitchen, a compulsive neat freak, a tea snob, adores her four-legged fur babies, and adores writing about and falling in love with everyday heroes


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Driven Releases!


Happy release to my fellow authors, Kelsey Elise Sparrow and Susan Pierce, who are releasing today in K. Bromberg’s Driven World!

Today’s new releases are FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Plunge by Kelsey Elise Sparrow
Backspin by Susan Pierce

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Bringer of Chaos

Kayelle Allen writes stories filled with misbehaving droids, immortal gamers, and warriors who purr. She is the author of multiple books, novellas, and short stories, a US Navy veteran, and has been married so long she’s tenured. Meet Kayelle and become a Tarthian Empire citizen (and an immortal), among other reader exclusives.

Tell us about yourself.

I’ve been published since 2004, and have released multiple books, short stories and novellas. I’ve hosted a book blog since 2010 called Romance Lives Forever. Come meet your next favorite author! I also just published on Radish, so if you’re a member, look for me. A Stolen Heart is free to read.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

From the time I was a little girl. My mother loved to write and I caught the bug.

What genres do you like to read? Are these the same genres you write in?

I read widely, and enjoy science-based thrillers by authors like Robin Cook and Michael Crichton, Suspense (JD Robb), Regency (Alexa Aston, Erica Ridley), and of course science fiction romance.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

Young adult to adult. The stories are definitely too mature for children.

What is your current release or project?

Bringer of Chaos Bundle 1 contains the first two books plus a novella. I plan more in the series.

Tell us about the key characters.

Pietas is the king of an immortal race, who’s been betrayed by others hungry for power. Six is the human “keeper” assigned to guard him.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

If you’re fighting immortals who always get back up, you’d better have a way to do the same thing. Otherwise, it’s lights out…

When you’re a soldier genetically enhanced to the point of near immortality and you fight a mortal soldier resurrected with the pilfered blood of your people, friendship never enters the equation.

But what if the enemy you’ve despised your entire life holds the sole key to your salvation?

Share an excerpt

This scene is between Pietas and Six. A member of Ghost Corps, Six is a fearsome fighter with the strength to kill immortals like Pietas. Ironically, the two have become intimate friends. But that doesn’t mean Six puts up with arguments, especially when he knows he’s right. Pietas had been seriously injured and cannot lift his arms.

Pietas’s long hair, full of static electricity from the wind and storm, settled over his shoulders and adhered to his neck. He could not lift his arms to gather it himself but he did not want the others to see he needed help nor did he want Six fretting over it.

The man blamed himself for the injury. Yes, Six had bound Pietas. It had been Six’s duty to do so. In truth, those who had placed Pietas inside the life pod and refused to release him were to blame, but no matter how often he reminded Six of that, the ghost refused to relinquish his guilt.

Six dug into his pockets. “I think I have another strip.” They had torn several from a ragged shirt. Six wore the biggest piece around his neck. He set down his pack and opened it.

“Six,” Pietas hissed. He did not turn his head, but looked toward the others. “Leave it!”

The ghost glanced up at him, then the immortals, waiting ahead. “You want the women messing with your hair? Is that it?”

He closed his eyes, counting to ten. To a hundred would not erase this embarrassment. “No.” When he beheld Six, the man had the discourtesy to smirk. “Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.”

The man chuckled. “We should have cut your hair before we set out.” He rummaged through his kit, which held all Six owned when he’d been abandoned on this world. Little more than survival gear.

“I never cut it except in ritual.”

“I know.” Six withdrew a boning knife used for it.

Before every battle, Pietas performed the solemn rite to affirm superior strength and prowess. The ghost had been the first human to see it carried out, albeit the first half from a distance while hiding.

Six stood. “Maybe you could perform it now.”

“How like you to see the easy solution. But there are a few elements missing. No fire. No water. No mask.” He gestured toward the oncoming storm. “No time.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of pretending?”

“One cannot ‘pretend’ a ritual.”

“What a boring childhood you must’ve had. Why not?”

Pietas opened his mouth to answer. Shut it again.

Six lifted one eyebrow. “Do you want to go into that dark hole and meet up with your people without performing it?”

“No, but there’s no time.”

“Rain’s coming.” Six jerked a thumb toward the forest. “Like I said, you have to go in there or you won’t reunite with your people. Are you going to stand out here making excuses, or do this?”

“Ghost, this ritual is important. It deserves respect.”

Blah, blah, blah. That storm is bearing down on us.” A few drops of rain splattered them both. “See? Or maybe you’d rather have your sister help you with your hair every morning.”

“Fine!” With a resigned sigh, Pietas capitulated. “How do you propose we ‘pretend’ my ritual?”

Do you have a favorite scene?

I wrote the fight scene in Lights Out to match the same scene in Origin of Pietas, but from different points of view. That was fun to do. I also love the banter between Pietas and Six as they come to terms with their relationship. They would never have been friends in the “real” world, but here, they are thrown together and have no choice. They must depend on one another. Even the immortal could die without help.

What advice would you give a beginner?

Other authors are not your competition. You can’t write fast enough for someone to read only your stories. Co-promotion is the key to success.

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➜Endgame by Susan Pierce
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➜Risk by Harlow Layne
➜Damaged by Ember Dante
➜Worthless by J.Grayland

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The Remittance Man

The Remittance Man by Jan Selbourne

(One of four stories in the Regency Romance Anthology, Gift From My Lady)


Banished to the colony of New South Wales, Adam Stamford’s life is one of backbreaking work and few comforts until a letter from his father. The man who disowned him now begs him to come home, to stop the blackmailer before the honourable family name and estate are shamed and bankrupted.

Adam is not the man he was when he arrives home to England celebrating Bonaparte’s defeat at Waterloo, and the extortionist’s demands have doubled. It is beneath the aristocratic walls of his ancestral home that Adam discovers the depth of his brother’s treason and betrayal, but nothing makes sense, until Carolyn and the truth.


Adam pulled off his wet boots and coat and leaned against the door. After the cracking wild storms last night, the rain had eased to a steady drizzle. The barrels and buckets under the eaves were full and the dark sky promised more. He dipped a pitcher into the barrel beside the door and put it on the grate over the fire. Finally, a pot of tea with fresh rainwater.

Feet squelching in the mud made him turn around. Ben Gilmore from the main house, snake saver and now employer, stood at the doorway.

“Morning Adam.”

“Morning Ben,” Adam pointed to the pot on the stove. “Tea?”

“No thanks, just had one.” His thumb jerked over his shoulder. “Mud, beautiful mud.”  He handed Adam a thickly bound envelope. “Got back this morning. First chance I’ve had to come down here.”        

His eyebrows rose at Adam’s bemused expression. “Three ships were in the harbour. I checked the Gazette’s mail arrivals for the Bensons and myself and noticed your name on the list.” He grinned. “Cost me a shilling I might add.”

Adam’s eyes were on the envelope. “Take it out of my pay.”

Ben moved back to the door. “Finish your tea and your mail, then come up to the house. The storms made a mess of the barn roof.”

Adam waited until he was alone before cutting the twine from the first letter since he’d arrived in the colony. The familiar strong sloping handwriting looked back at him. Dated five months earlier, it began without salutation,


You would not be receiving this letter, assuming it arrives after such a long journey if circumstances were not forcing my hand. The reasons why my son of twenty-seven years left England still bring me much shame. Even worse was your refusal to acknowledge the appalling behaviour or the fact it was your family name and money that got you out of England. A man of the lower classes would have hanged.’

Adam leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes. For God’s sake, it’s been three and a half years! I don’t need this. His fingers gripped the pages to tear them apart, but he didn’t.

One of the circumstances was my being informed by the magistrate that you were not responsible for Cranston’s death. While that does not excuse or forgive your many vices, I have no choice but to beg you to continue reading.

The cold winters and a severe leg injury have taken a toll on my health. My doctor strongly advised I hand the estate responsibilities to your brother. Unbeknown to any of us, he had led a double life. I cannot elaborate more in this letter except he’s being blackmailed. The threat and fear of exposure of this other life was so great he paid until there was no more, forcing him into the clutches of the money lenders. The reasons for banishing you from England pale beside the revelation of your brother’s folly and the horrific consequences if exposed. I have no one else to turn to but you. I ask, no beg, you to return to England to find and stop this despicable creature before he ruins our family and our good name and our home.

Adam skimmed through the next page. If he agreed, he was to approach the Colonial Secretary for assistance with the ship’s passage. His father would reimburse the War and Colonial Office in London.

Plain paper and no names, in case it fell into the wrong hands. Stunned, he stood up and not knowing what to do, sat down. Paul had lived a double life. A bigamist? A coachman or a Bow Street Runner? The thought of his pompous dandified brother running for a living made him chuckle then the smile faded. Horrific consequences? His father’s rubbing the salt into the old wounds told him a lot of pride had been swallowed to write this letter. But, papa, it is all about you and Paul and the 17th century home on four hundred acres of lush green English land. Not one word asking if I were still alive or buried six feet under in a penal colony thirteen thousand miles away.

Damn them. Paul can get out of his own mess. There was work to be done and the barn won’t fix itself. He got to his feet again and clutched the back of the chair as the pain of homesickness hit him like a brick. For the first time in years his eyes were stinging like hell.

Author’s note

A remittance man was usually the black sheep of a British upper- or middle-class family who was sent away from the United Kingdom to one of the colonies and paid to stay away. These men were often an embarrassment to their families and banished after disgraces at home.

The colony of New South Wales was established when the first fleet of convicts landed at Botany Bay in 1788.  By 1815, the penal colony, 13,000 miles from Britain, had grown and flourished, with many free settlers calling this new land home.  I am sure a lot of them left shady pasts behind and arrived with a new name.  I wanted my character to be one of them.

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Gift From My Lady – Kindle edition by Guthrie, T. Elizabeth, Selbourne, Jan, Brett, Claire, Rose, Cerise. Romance Kindle eBooks @

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A Gift from My Lady – Claire Brett

Claire Brett – A Portrait To Remember
Viscount Ainsbury has plans for the season and none of them have to do with marriage. He is going to spend his season at the London Museum and in the various artist salons throughout the city, until his oldest friend’s sister-in-law interrupts his entertainments. It seems she is hell bent on ruining herself before the midpoint. Miss Constance Lightowler has a plan for the season. She may only ever get to London once and it will help her to improve her art, even if she must dress like a man and wander the artist salons and the prestigious academy to do it. And if Lord Ainsbury is determined to thwart her plans, then she will require him to model for her in private. What could be the trouble with that?

A Gift from My Lady – Cerise Rose

Cerise Rose – Scarlet Peacock
Lucia Faust was a farmer’s daughter and sold to the highest bidder in order to make a better life for her family, though not entirely a better life for her. She wanted to marry for love, yet she had no choice but to marry Lord Duncan Busick for duty. They fall deeply in love with one another quickly; however, a secret past changes everything. Will she sacrifice her happy marriage to carry out her destiny?

A Gift from My Lady – Jan Selbourne

Jan Selbourne – The Remittance Man
Banished to the colony of New South Wales, Adam Stamford’s life is one of backbreaking work and few comforts until a letter from his father. The man who disowned him now begs him to return, to stop the blackmailer before the honourable family name and estate are shamed and bankrupted. Adam arrives home to England celebrating Bonaparte’s defeat at Waterloo and the extortionist demanding more. It is beneath the aristocratic façade of his ancestral home that Adam discovers the depth of his brother’s treason and betrayal, but nothing makes sense, until Carolyn and the truth.

A Gift from My Lady – T Elizabeth Guthrie

T. Elizabeth Guthrie – Timeless Passion
Sophia is a young woman with a mind of her own. She isn’t interested in getting married until her father threatens her with an arranged marriage. Enter the Duke of Somerset. He’s not looking for a spouse either, but his friends keep telling him that he needs heirs. Is their arrangement destined to stay a loveless marriage or will it become true love?

Available for preorder



Happy release to my fellow author, Tiffany Carby, who is releasing today in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World!

The new release is FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Gasoline by Tiffany Carby

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