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➜ Heartbeat by Georgia Coffman https://geni.us/Heartbt
➜ All In by J.L. Drake https://geni.us/All-In
➜ Reburn by Kimberly Knight https://geni.us/Reburn
➜ Powerful by Kathleen Kelly https://geni.us/Powerful
➜ Flashback by Rhian Cahill https://geni.us/FlashBack
➜ Revved by A.M. Mahler https://geni.us/Revved

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Blood & Bones

by Ariel Dawn

When eighteen-year-old Ava and her boyfriend attend a party on campus, things turn from fun to deadly rather quickly. As Ava bleeds out on the concrete floor, the angel of death comes…only he’s not an angel. And he isn’t quite dead either.

Cassius Aurelia finds a young college student fighting for her life on the floor of a frat house basement, and he can’t turn away. His bite will save her life, but it will also bring forth a litany of consequences for the both of them that neither may be ready for.

Available in anthology


Game of Mass Destruction

Chloe Gilholy is an author from Oxfordshire. She writes in a variety of forms including flash fiction, poetry, articles and novels.

Yuzuko’s perfect world is disturbed when she is forced to take part in the 30th season of Game of Mass Destruction, a reality tv show where 20 contestants have to fight robots and each other for a chance to become a billionaire. Each robot they destroy gives points, but extra points are rewarded for acts of sex and murder. Whilst Yuzuko is united with online friends, she discovers dark secrets about her family as she confronts the gameshow’s owner the notorious Sia Bucks. Will she survive and become victorious, or will it be a comedy of errors with violence and chaos?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Game-Mass-Destruction-2018-Sympathy/dp/152723388X/ref=monarch_sidesheet

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/game-of-mass-destruction-chloe-gilholy/1136589863

Waterstones: https://www.waterstones.com/book/game-of-mass-destruction/chloe-gilholy/9781838411053

Lulu: https://www.lulu.com/en/gb/shop/chloe-gilholy/game-of-mass-destruction/paperback/product-1e4jpr4p.html?page=1&pageSize=4

Audio Sample

A Hero’s Heart

Rekindling the flames of love has never burned so hot.

Lies. Betrayal. A blown undercover mission.

After ten years away, DEA agent Jarrett Brandt heads home to pay his respects to his deceased brother and hide out from the cartel kingpin who wants him dead. The last thing he needs is Marissa, his high school sweetheart, tempting him with her sassy smile and showing him the life he gave up. Add on his judgmental parents, and he’s ready to hit the road.

Widowed mom Marissa Reinn never had much luck with the Brandt boys. First Jarrett broke her heart, then she lost his brother—her husband—to a bullet. Vowing to uncover Jarrett’s secrets, she succumbs to the passion still burning between them instead.

When a team of assassins find him, Jarrett and Marissa will have to work together to survive and protect her son. How will they seize their second chance at love with their lives on the line?


He nibbled her earlobe until a sweet gasp escaped her mouth.
“Jarrett, wait. Not outside my son’s room. C’mon.” She dragged him into her bedroom and pushed him against the door. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”
“So are you.” He cupped her ass and dragged her up his body. Oh, hell. He’d never get enough of her. Those legs and her breasts—fuck. As she wrapped her long limbs around him, he seized her lips and pushed away from the door.
“The bed,” she mumbled the words against his mouth.
He laid her down and topped her. “Lift your arms, baby.” He jerked off her sweater and groaned. The overhead light cast a golden glow across her smooth skin and curly hair. A sexy red-and-green striped bra cradled her breasts. He licked one of her taut nipples from atop the fabric and moaned from the scent of sugar cookies.
Marissa gasped and arched her back, pressing her breasts against his face.
“You’re killing me.” He nuzzled her chest before sliding his hands to her back and freeing the bra clasp. Her breasts bounced free and grazed his chest. His cock throbbed so painfully against his zipper that he lurched forward and dry humped her.
“Like what you see?” Her mouth hitched up in a smile.
“Tease.” He glided his tongue across her other nipple.
“Yes, more.”
He stroked the curve of her soft bottom lip. She swiped her pretty pink tongue over his fingertip, trying to draw it into her warm mouth, but he pulled back and jerked off his shirt. After he stripped off his jeans and underwear, she pushed him down on the mattress and swirled her amazing tongue across his chest. Ah, fuck. His muscles bunched as she trailed her decadent kisses down his abs and upper right thigh, circumventing his needy, straining cock.
“Marissa, kiss him.”

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About the Author

Amber Daulton is the author of the romantic-suspense series Arresting Onyx and several standalone novellas. Her books are published through Daulton Publishing, The Wild Rose Press, and Books to Go Now, and are available in ebook, print on demand, audio, and foreign language formats.
She lives in North Carolina with her husband and demanding cats.

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A Stone’s Throw

On May 21, I’ll release my new poetry book. This book has been in my work in process pile for quite some time. When I organized recently, I asked myself why I hadn’t published it. Initially I organized it for a contest. But it didn’t win or place.

This meant it’s just been sitting in my files waiting for attention. I asked my middle daughter to create a cover and handed the manuscript over to her. She did a beautiful job formatting it.

Here’s the blurb and cover of my new poetry book. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Ever thrown a stone into a lake and watched the ripples?  These poems explore the ripples of emotions caused by moments in life. This is a journey of battling societies expectations and beliefs while finding strength and power within. 

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Crystal Clear Truth

A slow-burn, forced proximity scifi alien romance

How can you trust when your own truth is a lie?

Shohn has only one goal: live a lie-filled life undercover. The elite head of security permits herself no family ties and few friends. But when firestorm scientist Joe needs help to locate his birth mother, and hires Shohn, she begins to rethink her rule of isolation.

Unknown to them, their intensive search triggers an alert that brings powerful, dark forces into play. Every attempt to uncover the truth results in more cover ups. But why? Who is this young woman, and who is the unknown person or power foiling Shohn and Joe’s attempts to find her?

But maybe the better question is–what is she?

Excerpt from Crystal Clear Truth

This is the opening of the book and introduces the heroine, Shohn. When introducing herself, she often says “My first name is Shohn, like the stars at night.”

Though she ached to slam it, Shohn Lexius eased her office door shut, then took a civil and polite step back. Hissing, she swiped the air with her claws and stuck the smallest ones straight up.

Claws retracted, she stalked to the narrow window, braced her hands on the sill and pressed her forehead to the glass. The spring sun offered no heat. And why? Because on human worlds, builders installed special glass so their precious little sun wouldn’t hurt their precious fragile skin.

Humans. Honestly.

Oh, all right, she’d admit human skin was sleek. Nice to stroke. She even liked its smoothness against her tongue, but come on. Would it hurt to let in a little heat?

Humans protected themselves from such trivial ‘dangers’ as sunbeams. On this world, indoor temperatures never fluctuated. And forget opening a window.

Not on the seventieth floor of the city’s tallest building.

She laid back her ears, aching for the fresh air of her homeworld. The freedom of a hynder beneath her, galloping full speed in sunshine along the beach. Charging through the forests, cantering in the rain. A purr rumbled in her chest at the memories.

Working up an honest sweat mucking out stalls, tending the stock, shoulder to shoulder with family, everyone laughing and singing. Accepting her word that when she asked for something, she should get it. No one telling her how much money she could spend or asking why she needed it. She reined in her thoughts. That was her old self talking.

The person of privilege her family had reared her to be, not the fighter for equality she’d become. Sometimes, though, living off-world rankled. Here she was, a Kin warrior with the honor blade at her side to prove it, stuck working in a human-oriented office on the capitol planet of what she’d once considered her people’s enemy.

Well, she’d brought this on herself, hadn’t she? She’d left her homeworld of her own accord. It was her fault she spent every day with round-eyed humans whose ears could hear a third less than her own. A race oblivious to the overpowering reek of its own species.

A Kin’s sense of kahlah caught the scent of human lies no matter how small. A handy skill during interrogations. She knew before humans spoke if they would try to pull a fast one, and they all tried. As for the tartness of their fear, well, a clawed Kin had better get used to that pretty fast, because a fanged smile was no help whatsoever.

A knock at the door pulled her back to the here and now. She picked up a notereader tablet and fanned herself, dispersing any scent of frustration she might have released.

After straightening her green-and-black uniform jacket, she squared her shoulders. “Come.”

*Crystal Clear Truth – A slow-burn romance set in the far future, in an empire full of treachery and secrets…

*If you like books with take-charge feline heroines and solid romance plots, this happy-ever-after friends-to-lovers story is for you.

Universal Buy Link https://books2read.com/ab-crystal-clear

Until May 1, 2022 the entire Antonello Brothers series is 99c apiece, and book 1, A Stolen Heart, is free. See all books here https://books2read.com/ap/nEokkx/Kayelle-Allen

About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen writes stories with immortal gamers and warriors who purr. She is the author of multiple books, novellas, and short stories, a US Navy veteran, and has been married so long she’s tenured. Kayelle founded the peer-mentoring group Marketing for Romance Writers, and curates the book blog Romance Lives Forever. Become a Tarthian Empire citizen (or an immortal) and help rule the Empire at www.KayelleAllen.com/immortality
Website https://kayelleallen.com
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kayelleallenbooks
Twitter http://twitter.com/kayelleallen
Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/authors/kayelle-allen
Kayelle’s Keepers http://facebook.com/groups/KayellesKeepers

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Star Struck

Willa Drew

Tropes: Rom-Com, Read in one afternoon, Celebrity/Movie Star, Brother’s Best Friend, Feisty Leading Lady, International Cast (LA and Ireland)


What do an Irish farm, a swanky LA gala, and a star tattoo have in common? A cute meet straight off the silver screen.

Running away from my family’s expectations pays off when I help my childhood crush outrun the paparazzi.

Did I mention he’s a famous rom-com actor?
Or that he’s too old for me?
The best part… he’s my brother’s best friend.

Or maybe it’s the worst part.

While he’s looking to reinvent himself out of the spotlight, our crashing into each other after all these years has me seeing stars.

Hollywood heartthrob Asher Menken might not remember me… but I could never forget him. 

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XBC9283?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420

Self Studies

by Kate Messick


I knew nothing but the touch of my master until the Magical Authorities killed him and set my world on fire.

Now, I’m a prisoner at an institute stressing students beyond their limits.

I’m a sorceress who can’t access her magic and wanted by wickedly handsome mages who all have their own agenda.

I spent my life following directions. Now I can make my own decisions, I don’t know the right ones. Why is saying ‘no’ so hard?

With the administration judging every action I take and weighing them on their uneven scales of morality, I must come to terms with my darkness to survive and, if I’m lucky, even gain my freedom.


Messick has created an academy which we are learning isn’t really a school but more of a prison. There are good and bad people in the prison but you’re never quite sure who is who. Aphrodite is newly arrived and she’s been freed from a life of complete submission to her master. Her master groomed her to completely submit to him in every way. Now the Magical Authority deemed her too dangerous and they’ve shoved her into the prison of this school. Bullying doesn’t cover all the torture the other students put Aphrodite through but somehow she makes connections and begins to learn her master was wrong and she does have opinions and power. Messick has created an unusual and unique environment for her main character to wade through as she figures out who she is. Messick is skilled at developing her characters and moving them from one dimensional to multi-dimensional. While there is a bigger story going on, Messick does not leave you hanging and waiting on the next book. Her story is solid writing and story telling.

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➜GRIP by Lacey Black: https://geni.us/GripDW

➜HEATED by L.M. Reid: https://geni.us/HeatedEH

➜FATED by Susana Mohel: https://geni.us/FatedEH

➜FIREPROOF by Leela Lou Dahlin: https://geni.us/Fireproof

➜DECEPTION by A. S. Roberts: https://geni.us/Dception

➜RULES OF ENGAGEMENT by Jessika Klide: https://geni.us/RulesEng

Grab these books for just 99 cents for a limited time! (Also available to read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited)

The Escape


As criminal kingpin of Sovereign City, Bryan Wattson has everything: money, power, and the sense of invincibility that goes with it. But after a botched drug deal leaves him betrayed by his former business partner, shot and left for dead, Bryan is sentenced to thirty years in prison. After breaking out ten years later, Bryan learns the hard way exactly how enormous square one really is. With this second chance, Bryan has only one thing on his mind: getting revenge on the man who betrayed him.

Free if subscribed to KindleUnlimited

US linkhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B08S61RS8X

UK linkhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Escape-Matthew-Slater-ebook/dp/B08S61RS8X