A Trip to the Cemetery

One would think a trip to the cemetery is a sad event and not one to be excited about.  However, I’ve been doing some research on family history and finding a number of family members are buried in a local cemetery.  The really great thing is that it is on both my side and Ken’s side of the family who reside in this cemetery.  

This of course means I must go to the cemetery to see if I can find them.  Most of these people I don’t have very much information on so it is a gold mine depending on what information is on the headstone. 

I’m bringing my husband and daughter with because it should be interesting for both of them.  I’ve invited my mom and sister as they are also interested in the hunt for family members.  It looks like it will be quite the outing. 

My daughter has agreed to bring her digital camera.  I’ll have to get a listing of people I think are there or maybe just take the binders I have of people – I’ll have to decide.  I’d love to just go through and take photos of all the headstones.  However, I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that as this is a fairly large cemetery.  It would be a bit undertaking to creating that kind of list.  Of course if I did I could publish it and I’m sure a bund of genealogists (professional and amateur) would appreciate it. 

I probably should call the cemetery office to see if I can locate where exactly the graves might be.  I got the general location but it would be nice to be able to narrow it down a bit.  Also it would probably be good to make sure it is okay for us to come traipsing through. 

All in all I’m pretty excited to go check out the cemetery and see what information I can add to my family history.  Hopefully we have a good day for wandering around outside. 

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