Are We Caught Up?

We’ve been so busy.  A few projects have gotten done around the house.  Ken and Vicki painted the garage door and our front door.  They are now a lovely purple.  I LOVE how they turned out.  We still have to do the back door but of course we ran out of time.

We also got our new appliances delivered.  Yes, we know stainless is in but we prefer the black and I think they look great in our kitchen with the yellow walls.  The dishwasher still needs to be installed but that will be next month!  I cannot wait!!!

I’m still recovering from my surgery.  I still get tired too easily but it’s getting better.  I didn’t have a lot of pain but every now and again, I’ll touch my nose and it will twinge.  It’s not really a hurt but more a sensitivity to being touched.

This last weekend we accomplished nothing other than to go to the ALA (library) conference with Vicki.  She got to talk to a lot of vendors, librarians.  We got a massive number of books for her job.  Ken and I got a large number as well.  On top of the lovely books, I spoke to some amazing people.  One was a children’s book publisher who expressed an interest in my children’s book (once I get it completed).  I have her card and hopefully I can make a connection.  I also spoke to and gave a card to a reviewer.  Interestingly, I stopped to speak to a vendor and we got to chatting.  He asked what I do – i.e. why I am at this conference.  I had on my tag I was an author.  He asked about what I write and took my card.  Now we will see if he purchases.  I realized I need to get more general cards – something which promotes my writing, editing, and publishing.

I have two days off now.  I’m in need of them.  The conference was fun but exhausting.  I’ve been spending my nights working on crochet things – currently I’m crocheting around all the fleece I have to make it into different things.  I have several I’m making up for the rummage sale.  I also got another set of potholders done.

I’m working on reading a book for review.  I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.  I’ve decided I’m going to take a book to work and read during my lunch hours.  My to read list has gotten excessive and I miss reading.

I got my purse sent off to the publisher.  I’m excited to see it in the magazine.  I hope they like it.  I know I do.  It will be wonderful to get another publishing credit under my belt.  This weekend I’m hoping we can get through some of our to do lists.  All three of us have this long long list of things to get done.  We’re making progress but our weekends are so busy.

I’ve been experiencing some serious crankiness over not physically being able to get things done.  I know what needs to get done, but I can’t physically do it myself and the other people in my house are working on other things.  It’s making anxious because there are aspects of the tasks I can do – i.e. sit and sort through things but when I physically try to shift things, or work on it, I can’t.  My legs hurt, my joints hurt. It is frustrating me I can’t get more done.  I was getting cranky at those in my house – even though it isn’t their fault – but now I’m recognizing what I’m doing, I’m attempting to do what I can.  I’ve started a list and I’m getting someone in to help me do the things which are top of my priority list.  The other people in my house all have their own lists which are as important as my list.  I keep reminding myself in the end we’ll have a more organized space.

Today I’m working on some computer stuff where I need to be at my computer but then I’m going to go write.  I’ve already updated my budget, sales for the last two months and other reports I do to keep track of my writing stuff.

I need to write my pagan blog and work on my web page.  Once I’m done with these tasks (and hopefully in the process I don’t find more tasks) I am hoping to go write.  I need to be off my legs and give them a chance to rest.  I’m either going to write or I’ll watch some tv and crochet – with the dozens of projects I have going it won’t be hard to pick one or ten to work on.

The plan for the today and tomorrow – rest and recover from the last three days.  My legs are swollen and painful which is what happens when I spend too much time doing and not resting.  It will pass and in the meantime I’ll be busy doing things I’m able to do.  The more I accomplish the less stressed I am about the things I can’t accomplish.

I would think things would slow down a bit but they aren’t.  Our a/c was giving us grief so we had the HVAC people come look at it.  In the process they discovered our furnace was broken to the point where it is dangerous to turn it on.  Anyone who knows me knows I can run my a/c or furnace any time depending on my temperature.  Our furnace had been red tagged – meaning we cannot use it at all.  The HVAC guy turned off the gas so it doesn’t even turn on accidently.  In all this drama, I’m starting to have a panic attack about the costs of the work.  To fix the a/c it cost us nearly $200.  When he told us about the furnace, it’s only seven years old, I started to freak out.  However, it’s under warrantee so no cost to us (thankfully).  But it still needs to get fixed.  They are coming in on July 5 to fix it.  Since I had to take off, I asked someone to come over on that day to help me with a few projects.  The guy who is installing our dishwasher is coming on July 8.  We have a ton of stuff to get done between now and then.

I’m hoping for a cooler weekend so I can get out in the garage and sort through some things which we have to decide if we want to keep or get rid of.  I think Vicki has stuff she needs to sort out there as well so hopefully we can get it done in a couple of hours.  Then I’ll move on to other projects.  There are so many right now, the problem will be more in deciding which one than to find a project.

It is the Fourth of July weekend so I think Vicki has plans but I doubt Ken and I will do much more than hang out at home.  If I can get the sorting done in the garage, I will likely need to sit with my feet up.  This means crochet or writing time depending on who is around and what’s going on in the house.  Either way at least I’ll be productive.

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