Waving the White Flag

We have a new built in dishwasher!  It’s built in!!! No more clunky beast rolling back and forth from the dining room to the kitchen.

Our a/c stopped working which required a call to the repair guys.  When they repaired the a/c, they discovered our furnace was not working properly.  We needed a new one.  This is never what you want to hear.  Then they told us it was covered under warranty.  Thank goodness.  They have been out and repaired the furnace as well.

This leaves me with a few more repairs.  When they installed the dishwasher, they discovered the cabinet under the sink was going and the sink was not in good shape.  It looks like redoing my kitchen will have to come sooner than I really want.

Ken was working in the basement making sure the furnace guy could get through, when he discovered our water heater is leaking.  This means more money.

I’ve got a call in to a tree trimmer because we  have four trees which need to come out.  I’ve gotten one quote, but I want at least one more.

All of these household expenses on top of the medical expenses is making 2017 a difficult year.  I like the new dishwasher and I’m happy my a/c is working and our furnace won’t kill us but I’m waving the white flag.

All I can do is pay my bills, start buying supplies for the kitchen redo and hope things last until I can get the work done.

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