A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Barbara Ardinger is an editor I've used and trust. When I edit, she's my go to person for questions because of her background and her extensive knowledge. I asked her to share some of her knowledge in a post. Here is one snippet of what she does. Trying to finish your book or magazine article? … Continue reading A Fresh Pair of Eyes

Barbara Ardinger

Barbara Ardinger and I met through a writers group which we were both involved with.  The group is long gone but I enjoyed Barbara's directness and honesty so kept in touch.  When I decided to start these interviews, She came to mind first as an editor to interview.  She's been editing for a long time … Continue reading Barbara Ardinger


I had reviews for Secret Past and Moon Affirmations.  I worked my bum off asking everyone to please write a review.  I got an Barbara Ardinger to write one for Moon Affirmations (Thanks Barbara!) and two other people to write reviews of Secret Past. I was on Amazon the other day (okay I admit I'm … Continue reading Oh…Amazon

New Reviews!

Moon Affirmations has its first review on Amazon!  Barbara Ardinger read and reviewed it.  She is a wonderful writer and the author of Pagan Every Day and Secret Lives of Crones.  Her website is http://www.barbaraardinger.com/.  Secret Past has two wonderful reviews on Amazon!  Both people gave it a five stars!  I'm very excited about that.  Marketing … Continue reading New Reviews!

Writers Block – Barbara Ardinger

Because I’ve spoken to writers clubs on editing and appeared on two editing panels for the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS), the president of GLAWS and I had a conversation recently about doing a presentation on healing writers block. “It’s simple,” I told him. “You just start writing.” I don’t think I’ve ever had … Continue reading Writers Block – Barbara Ardinger

Annual Journal Entry

For the last five years, around my birthday I’ve written in my annual journal.  I have a daily journal I carry with me which gets all the daily chaos of my life.  I write in it when I feel the need to – the busier I get the less I write in it.  I try … Continue reading Annual Journal Entry

Early Day

By Wednesday, I’m so ready for an early day and fortunately most days I get to come home early.  Class is done at 3:30 and I just come home after.  Today I was a bum and played games on the computer.  Now though I have to get down to work.  I laughed hard when I … Continue reading Early Day