Club Wonderland – Depths of Glory book 5

by Melody Calder

Welcome to Wonderland

In the pulsating heart of the city’s most exclusive club, where desire thrives in the shadows, I’m known only as Glory. An intended pun considering my preference for encounters.

Hidden behind dark curtains, I give pleasures to those who seek anonymity like myself. My thrills are heightened by the secret hiding with me, knowing they can’t see what’s happening beyond the small hole in my drape.

The secret is my pleasure alone until he comes to play.

Somehow he knows and he’s pulled to the forbidden as much as I am. Like a moth to a flame, he’s determined to unravel my shroud and give into our deepest desires. Am I willing to give into temptation and open myself to a whole new world and all the complications which may arise? The more he comes to see me, the more I desire shedding masks, consequences be damned.

Authors Note: We have something for everyone to enjoy, but we suggest you check each author’s blurbs for your preferred level of steam. Please be aware these stories will have triggers… proceed with caution.
Depths of Glory is a part of the Club Wonderland shared world and contains situations not for the faint of heart. This is a polym book with sharing involved and contains sexually explicit materials not suitable for those under 18.

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