Creatures of the Night

by Deborah Kelsey Lazaroff


Deborah Kelsey Lazaroff Alpi was born in Berkeley, California USA and raised in Orinda, California; Columbo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka); and New Delhi, India. During her childhood she traveled throughout Asia and Europe, as well as throughout the USA with her family. She has been writing professionally since 1978, mostly as a copywriter for advertising, marketing and public relations, She is divorced and has an adult son. She now lives in Southern California,


Vampyrs feature in almost every aspect of Sarah’s life. Her stories are filled with them. Her rich imagination has nothing on the real thing.

In her local cafe, she meets a man who sweeps away her imaginary world of vampyrs as he introduces her to the real thing.

Sarah discovers a world of intrigue and danger as she and Trevor learn to savor each other. Her ex and his ex create havoc as the two grow closer.

Can they survive their past to create a future filled with passion and love?


An erotic vampyr love story! Published on Valentine’s Day!

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