Day 15 of Furlough

Although technically I am only required to take 13 days of furlough – I’m counting weekends.

I’ve been super busy with writing. I got a couple more read throughs of the Wayfarer series done. I accepted edits in Seven Sisters which is the next read through. I have been setting up all sorts of things for The Dragon of Frendur release.

Mostly I’m staying inside and away from people. It’s nice to get things done and not worry about anything outside my to do list.

Ken hung pictures in our bedroom. They look great. It brightens the room and I really like the pictures we chose.

My sleep schedule is messed up. I’ve been staying up till 1 or 2 or 3. Going to bed to get up around 6ish. I stumble out to the living room and take my meds and curl up in the recliner. This is normally okay – except today I slept until 11. So my to do list didn’t get a lot of attention.

On top of which, my computer is being a dick about everything. I’m going back to my recliner and work on the read through. Tonight Vicki and I are doing a paint night again. I’m looking forward to it.

The rest of my furlough time will be prep for my book release – both of them.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 of Furlough

  1. Well, at least you are staying busy with writing! I’m one of the lucky ones who get to continue working during the mess. My state is making masks mandatory on the 29th, but that’s probably for the northern part more than the southern part of the state.

    I just hate the restrictions but I understand why they’re there. Hopefully the summer heat will help slow the spread of the virus and we can get back to some normalcy.

    1. I am staying busy with writing. I know the restrictions are difficult but necessary. Masks aren’t mandatory in my state but I wish they were.

      Restrictions are going to be part of life for awhile I think. It’s better to stay separate than to spread the disease.

      Next week I’m back at work – but that means I’m still at home (as far as I know) and working from home.

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