Day 15 of Furlough

Although technically I am only required to take 13 days of furlough - I'm counting weekends. I've been super busy with writing. I got a couple more read throughs of the Wayfarer series done. I accepted edits in Seven Sisters which is the next read through. I have been setting up all sorts of things … Continue reading Day 15 of Furlough

Day 5 of Furlough

I've been super busy. I finished the 80s! Or the photo albums from the 80s. The 90s box is out. I'll probably tackle some of them tomorrow. My middle daughter and I went to the farmer's market. We wore face masks as did all the vendors. We even had some vendors who had double wide … Continue reading Day 5 of Furlough

Day 3 of Furlough

I finished five photo albums! The pictures have been scanned and uploaded to Shutterfly for the family. The 70s are done! At least the box marked with the 70s is done, whether they were in there or not. The next box is the 80s and only has three albums in it. There may be another … Continue reading Day 3 of Furlough