Day 3 of Furlough

I finished five photo albums! The pictures have been scanned and uploaded to Shutterfly for the family. The 70s are done! At least the box marked with the 70s is done, whether they were in there or not. The next box is the 80s and only has three albums in it. There may be another 80s box but I’m taking the stance that there are only three until I find another box marked 80s.

Wayfarer novels have all had the edits accepted! Next step – read through all of them. I’m also working on re-writing the blurbs. I think there’s three more steps to get through – reading, formatting and uploading. Progress made and will continue to be made.

This morning I spent time answering emails, setting up arc reads for my arc group, and setting up posts for my book tours and interviews. I have one more interview but I’ll set it up tomorrow to come out in a couple of days.

I have some marketing to do and Facebook to deal with but then I’ll be reading Wayfarer Immemorial. I’ve started reading this four times and gotten sidetracked. Mostly because I’ve started it when I’m tired.

Tomorrow I’m venturing out of the house but only to go to the farmer’s market. We will be practicing social distancing and wearing masks. Plus we’re going early to hopefully avoid the crowds!

I’ve got a general routine which I’m trying to stick to so I can accomplish as much as possible. Fingers crossed I’m super productive while I’m on this furlough.

Oh – picture at the top is of me in 1968.

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