Editing and a Bit of Writing

I finished the first read through of Alien Mate book 1 tonight. I got through the last of it. I realized after I was done and sent it to my sister, I had a few of the dates / timing down wrong.

Of course it’s an alien planet so they count things by seven days. So I had what amounted to four months in as four weeks. Oooopppsss I’ll be double checking those when I get the manuscript back.

I have other editing tasks to complete including a paper manuscript back from my sister with all the edits done. This means I should have started checking it – I didn’t.

Instead, I worked on the second Alien Mate book. It’s been in my head too long. I’m glad to have it down on paper – well in the computer anyways.

One scene is written and the start of a second scene is there but I have to be up tomorrow. This means I’m off to bed. I got over 1300 words written and it felt good. Now another good scene and then I’ll see what the characters have to say.

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