Editing Part 2

Tonight I got started later than I wanted. My own fault completely. Family drama and a long day made it hard for me to settle.

Once I settled I finished reading through four chapters. I have three left. While I’d love to just barrel ahead, I am too tired to do a good job of catching errors and issues. So the three chapters will be tomorrow night.

Hopefully I can finish off Bah Humbug this weekend and turn it in the organizer for the anthology. Once I finish off Sacrificed and upload it to KDP, I’ll work on client editing for a bit. I have two to get done. So I’ll work on that.

I have some specific writing I want to do. But I will be starting either the second in the Sacrificed series or the second in the Alien Mate series which I still don’t have a good name for.

As I write, I need to figure out when I want to publish each story and slide them into my schedule. I don’t want to crowd my schedule too much but ideally I’d like to publish the second Sacrificed and all three of the Alien Mate ones. I also have to think about the next steps for a few other series.

I read through three rather fast paced chapters tonight. I really enjoy this story. He’s a dick but he’s reached a point in the story where he realizes he’s been a dick. Now he has to decide how to make up for his dickish behavior and admit he loves her.

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