With the help of a friend, I cleaned out our storage room in our basement.  This is part of an ongoing project where I’m trying to get the basement organized enough so Vicki (the middle daughter) can move down there.  We worked for a number of hours and finally got this small room cleared out.  Now Ken will be able to build the shelves we want in there.  We will be able to move Virginia and Stephanie’s stuff into a corner of the room, the Christmas decorations will likely take up another corner.  The shelves are for canning supplies and other things we want to keep but don’t necessarily want out in the house. 

In this emptying of the store room, I discarded a lot of stuff, put some in a pile of to donate, and gave some to the friend who was helping.  There were some under utilized metal shelves in there which we moved to a different storage area. 

This makes the third foray into the basement organization project.  I know I shouldn’t do anymore today (knees are killing me) but I really just want to go down there and shift more things where I want them.  I figure it will take two or three more times to get the rooms down there organized to my liking. 

Then comes the projects that provoked this clearing and organizing frenzy… moving the kid, putting the exercise equipment in her old room, build a sewing table, organize craft space, build a table for the office… and that doesn’t cover the other projects still lingering like staining the pantry doors, replacing the dining room light… Oh and let’s not forget the happy news that we found a crack in our foundation – one which was allegedly repaired before we bought the place.  Unfortunately when I called the company they said they had no record of the repair being done… This is just LOVELY news… NOT…

It is never ending.  I need a team of workers to do what I tell them to do without arguing and three days.  I could probably get it all done in that time… Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen.  Where are the house brownies who come in and do this work?  Anybody got a tip on how to tempt them to my house? 

So for right now I’m trying to look at this one room being empty and organized.  The rest … well I’m trying not to think about all that…

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