Wayfarer – Prequel, Books 1, 2, 3

Wayfarer started as a request from my middle daughter in 2014. I'd successfully published a romance novel, a meditation book and three poetry books. I looked around and said - okay what next? My middle daughter came up with the answer. Write her a space story with a strong female lead. From there, I came … Continue reading Wayfarer – Prequel, Books 1, 2, 3

E.A. Moldovan

E. A. Moldovan and I met through social media. Author Bio I am a Mum of four adult children and one teenager, a grandmum of 3 and my autobiography is in Harvard University library. My story is in a new book called, "Courage: Stories Of Darkness To Light", release date July 2019. #1 Best seller. … Continue reading E.A. Moldovan

What are the steps for self-publishing?

This is a question I've recently been asked. I had to stop and think about all the steps. I go through when I publish one of my books or patterns. Become an expert in editing / grammar, graphic design, and MS Word or similar program…. Write your story, tell a great story. There’s no cost … Continue reading What are the steps for self-publishing?


At my job, a request has been made for all publication for faculty and staff in the last year.  My faculty know I write so they have encouraged me to participate.  I was feeling like I hadn’t done much over the last year.  Then I gathered up the material.  Since July of 2011 I’ve had … Continue reading Publications


The concert was EXCELLENT!  Ken and I both enjoyed the concert very much.  I don’t think either of us would have missed it for anything.  It was great for me to see Ken enjoying the live music of his favorite group.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the music (mostly).  I loved watching the people … Continue reading Concert!!!

Making Community – Kelley Harrell

I joke to my flist on http://www.livejournal.comabout dreams that I have, in which we gather for reunions infused with long-weekend slumber parties and lots of gluten-free snack foods.  The thing is, I really have had that dream recurrently, for years, and half or more of the people on my flist I’ve never met in-person.  These … Continue reading Making Community – Kelley Harrell


Welcome back to the winter waddle!!  We’ve had a very mild winter with little snow and temperatures more like late fall / early spring than winter.  Today we have snow.  It was supposed to be flurries – i.e. a few flakes whipping around.  Instead we’ve had a steady snowfall smearing the landscape with white instead … Continue reading Weather