Fae Liberated


I think I finally remember the rest of that bar joke: a fae, a werewolf, and a vampire walk into a bar…

Nope. Still don’t remember, but trust me, you’re in for a laugh.

After I failed to take out the dean, Drystan, my partner in crime, only went and got himself arrested. Then my werewolf bodyguard, Conan, vanished, and now he’s MIA, leaving me to the mercy of the school’s resident mean girls.

To make matters worse, there’s a new dean in charge. By the order of his father, the king, Prince Levington has had to hand over his position to the king’s most trusted advisor, Vincent von Brandt, and the decrepit old vampire even makes the sleazy Levington Straus look like Mary Poppins.

Yet hope is on my side. It turns out that the old dean is willing to help me reunite with my sister, and together with the Secret Alliance of the Fae, we can overthrow his father and set the fae free.

With a new vampire king, life will surely be better for all three races.

It’s just unfortunate that I am in love with three men, one a fae, one a vampire, and another a werewolf, and I guess I finally figured out the punchline to that bar joke.

I’m so screwed.


I arrive at Vincent’s office, which used to be Levington’s before he got downgraded to assistant dean.

Perfect. Now all the memories of the times that that smug vampire prince and his pet werewolf terrorized me come to mind, and it’s the perfect resolve I need.

There comes movement from inside the office, and I know the bastard senses my presence. He’s a vamp. His senses are ridiculously sharp.

He doesn’t speak. He just waits for my arrival, and something fishy is definitely going on. Why won’t he fight?

I raise my hand, forming a sharp stalagmite as the temperature in the hallway suddenly drops. Taking one long, deep breath, I watch as a cloud escapes my lips, and this is it…

The moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

It’s now or never.


Because only fighting can bring about freedom…

Time to set my people free.

I storm into the room, running straight towards the vampire as I raise my weapon high, thrusting it right through his chest

Vincent Von Brandt’s red eyes widen in horror as I push him against the wall, delving that weapon in deeper, and now he gazes down at my spear of ice.

Blood blossoms his clean, white shirt, but I don’t stop. I thrust that stalagmite in deeper and deeper, loving every gargled sound his mouth makes as I slowly take away his life.

This was how I always envisioned killing Levington, but not anymore… That vampire prince is our one-way ticket to freedom, and I can’t blow this chance.

So this sorry excuse of a creature will have to do.

Honestly, for a vampire, I never found him all that intimidating. Sure, he’s grotesquely handsome in a way that only an aged vampire could be, and the one time I ever did deem him a threat was when he insinuated that he was on to me and Levington in the hallway, but in reality, he’s nothing special. Just another tool.

Vincent’s usually smooth-backed, jet black hair falls over his eyes as the life slowly slips away from him, and for a moment, I see a glimpse of the man he used to be.

Levington is special in that regard since he was born a vampire, but this chump had once been a normal, run of the mill human born some thousands of years ago.

Well, it’s long overdue that he died. He has already lived beyond the normal scope of a human lifespan. So it’s time he left this world for good.

The red from Vincent’s eyes starts to fade as he becomes human once again. My fae magic is sucking the immortality right out of him, and it’s horrific to see. Although vamps can age, they will never die, since they constantly rejuvenate their bodies with venom.

It may be hard to believe, but an eternally youthful appearance is not highly desired in vampire society. Gray hair and lined skin is considered beautiful because it shows wisdom and experience.

Hence why many of the nobles resemble men who are fifty plus. Because who wants to look like a twenty-one-year-old punk for the rest of their immortal lives?

Makes sense, considering I’m that twenty-one-year-old punk. 

But I’m no ordinary punk. I’m a fae, and I’m about to end this mother fucker…

Vincent’s skin becomes sunken and shallow as he finally becomes what he should have been all along.

A corpse.

It’s not only blood that pumps out of his wound but venom too. The poison constantly rejuvenates his body, giving him immortality.

Surprisingly, Vincent’s original eye color had been blue all along, just like mine…

The shine starts to fade from his eyes as he’s getting closer and closer to death, and I bet he’s seeing that famous so-called light right now that the humans always depict in their movies.

Or the fiery pits of hell, considering he was a monster.

There’s no place in heaven for a vampire after all.

Just before I snuff the life out of him forever, he focuses his pale, blue eyes on me, whispering from that thin, shriveled mouth, “You fool… you played right into his trap…”

My eyes expand. Whose trap? Levington’s?

A raspy laugh escapes him, and as if reading my thoughts, he breathes one more word before he’s gone forever, “The… the king… “

And just like that, he’s dead.

The silence that follows next is deafening. All I hear now is my pounding heart.


The king was on to us all along…

Time to get Gossamer.

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