First of Eleven

Last night we went car shopping with our middle daughter.  Now we’re waiting to hear from the dealership.  In the meanwhile, grocery shopping, breakfast, and other errands have been done by Ken and Vicki. While I worked on the computer.  I got blog tours posted, checkbook caught up and email dealt with.

There’s a dozen other things which need to get done today so it’s going to be busy day.  We’ll be going to a variety of stores and finish up the errands.

I have four projects I need to take pictures of so I can work on publishing.  I also need to look over the other crochet items I’ve been waiting to distribute until I got a yeah or nay from the publisher.  We’re passed the issue they were made for so it’s time to publish and distribute.

By the end of tomorrow I hope to have all the crochet stuff photographed and measured.  I still need to make one crochet item before Tuesday.  I’ll be working on that over the next couple days.

Other than that I have a ton of writing things I want to get done.  I finished the first round of edits on Wild Magic 2 but it needs at least one more big edit before I can work on fine tuning it.  I feel like I need to add in a few scenes which will help the relationships develop and the story to flow better.

I’ve got a third of a short story edited.  This is the mangled one – poor little story – and I need to get the rest of it edited.  I had a friend edit it professionally because it was so mangled and I’d looked at it too much.  Now I’d like to finish it off.  Everyone keeps telling me it needs to be a book – I’m resistant but did add several paragraphs to the first third of the book so I’ll see how that goes.

Aside from that, I’ve got crochet patterns to publish.  I have a long list of writing projects I am in the middle of so want to work on those.  I never know until I sit down to work which one will get my attention.

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