Full Sentences

What does it mean when my daughter keeps telling me that she needs full sentences to know that I’m actually paying attention to what she is saying?  Okay well it means I’m either not overly awake or I’m busy writing.  In this case I’m busy writing.

Working on one of my manuscripts today, I was busy working and could hear Vicki talking to me.  Some part of me registered what she was saying but mostly I was involved in the story I was working on.  My brain acknowledged hearing her but didn’t elicit an appropriate response to her.  This resulted in her saying “Mom, full sentences so I know you are hearing me.”
This is amusing because mostly in my head I was saying “SSSHHHH I’m writing.  Stop bothering me because I’m busy writing.”  There may have been stronger language in my head as well.  The good thing is I didn’t say anything out loud. 
I did eventually give her grief for bugging me while I was writing.  I was working on a chapter.  I finished a full chapter today on a story.  This is exciting for me as it was a bit of a struggle. 
I am working on two stories right now.  The first one is the long manuscript I am separating into three or four novels.  That is moving along nicely.  I’m reviewing and rereading, looking more for obvious stand out errors and trying to determine where to split the book up.  The second project is a start I made for what I thought would be a short story but now I feel like it will be a novel or novella.  I finished the first chapter (the start of the story) a few days ago.  Today I wrote the full second chapter. 
The interesting thing is I have this dual in my head.  I’m dreaming about both stories.  They are mixing in my head and crossing over each other.  There is a third one that keeps niggling away at me but really I’m trying to keep the chaos to a minimal level. 
While I’m on vacation I’m positive I’ll hear more of these “full sentences” statements from her.  She will tease me and harass me as I work on writing.  I admit that if she weren’t around I would probably not eat all day and be surprised when Ken came home. 

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