I’m halfway through my vacation and enjoying it thoroughly.  I have made progress on the two stories I wanted to and I’ve gotten Stephanie’s afghan down to a row and half left.  For the rest of the week I’m hoping to add more to my writing time and finish off her afghan. 

I also have been struggling with sleep.  Not that I can’t sleep but that I’m sleeping odd hours.  I know that may not be a problem for most people – it is all part of being on vacation right?  Well for me when I get out of habit on my sleep I struggle with getting back into cycle.  The rest of the week I’m going to try to go to bed about midnight (instead of 2 am) and get up by 7 – 8 in the morning.  That way when I go back to work next week, I can at least be close to what a normal schedule should be. 
I was struggling with my one story.  I’m at a point where there needs to be a lot of battling and fight scenes except I don’t want the book to be all about the battles.  I want it to be a mixture of battles and struggle with peaceful negotiations.  This is hard to describe without going into lengthy detail about the story.  I was stuck in this spot where one of the main characters was in yet another battle but I didn’t want it to be a battle.  I was struggling with what to do with the scene and the character.  What he is doing is vital to the story so I can’t pull him out of the situation.  Being the all seeing author, I introduced a new character who changed the way the scene played out.  It worked out well.  Now I just have to do a couple more chapters to somewhat conclude this leg and go back to one of the other main characters who is busy doing more diplomatic things.  Progress and a solution – I say that is a good day of writing!

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