My daughter is coming home tonight.  She called this morning to tell me how many hours it would be before we saw each other.  I love the day we go from it being days (weeks, months) when I’ll see her (or any of my daughters) to hours. 

The excitement is palpable.  Of course it’s December and we’ve been watching the weather hoping for safe driving conditions.  Hopefully the rain they are calling for will be just rain and the temperature will remain high enough to keep it from being icy. 

My nephew just drove home yesterday.  He had a seven hour delay because his truck broke down.  Fortunately, he was able to get it fixed and back on the road but his short five hour drive turned into more like a twelve hour day. 

Friday, we will be doing the video chat Christmas with the girls in Georgia.  It will be our way of  having the whole family together.  We will watch as people open gifts and talk about our holidays.  It will be our unique family time. 

I’m excited to have whatever time I can get with them this week.  I’m sorry the girls couldn’t afford to come home (or get time off to come home).  However, I’m betting they are loving their house and the space they have. 

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