Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows by Theresa Sederholt Genre: Suspense, Family Crime Dane Johnson was like every other man in his thirties except for one very big secret. One that, for him, was so horrific, he was determined to keep it hidden. He thought it would never see the light of day—that is until today. His … Continue reading Out of the Shadows

Waiting for the Tears

I keep thinking I should have something profound to say, something to share which will give meaning to ... well death.  In reality, I'm so busy right now I am not sure most of the time if I'm coming or going.  I'm dealing with the latest cluster of tasks for mom. G Walter, Grace, Bud, … Continue reading Waiting for the Tears

A Journey Home

My mother passed away on October 12.  It's been a difficult two weeks with her being ill and then dying.  My family and I have worked through her funeral and working on her estate.  I've been so busy, I've not had time to get to grieving.I've been touchy.  The littlest thing will either make me … Continue reading A Journey Home

Catch Up

It's been a busy week.  I've gotten some of my writing stuff done but mostly spent time with family.  My daughters came to visit.  We played this new game called Ticket to Ride.  It was fun.  On the surface it was simple - pick tickets and build your trains from one station to the next. … Continue reading Catch Up

Nine Day Weekend?

I'm on a streak!  I recently won three books!  Hopefully they will be good books and I will enjoy them.  The question will be how will I fit them into my schedule.One is a physical book and I think the other two are ebooks.  I'm going to have to ask my daughter to help me … Continue reading Nine Day Weekend?

Paperwork and other tortures!

We spent a week in Georgia with the two daughters down there.  The whole family was together and we enjoyed our time.  My youngest daughter got her tonsils out which was the reason for the visit.  She's recovering.It was an adventure driving back through a snow storm in Illinois.  We went from making great time … Continue reading Paperwork and other tortures!

Sanity in the Family?

I'll be the first one to tell you I have a crazy family.  I love them all but sometimes we just don't get along.  It's nothing big like the Hatfields and McCoys.  You can't have strong people get together and not have conflict.When my mother made me - her youngest daughter - the executor of … Continue reading Sanity in the Family?

Where is My Crazy Brain?

In my family, there's a story my maternal grandmother was a descendant from a Native American.  I've heard this story my entire life.  It was interesting to get my DNA testing done and discover where my DNA comes from.  One of which was a slight indicator (1%) of Native American.But of course, I have two … Continue reading Where is My Crazy Brain?

Family Holidays

The middle daughter is home.  The presents have been received by the other two daughters.  Everything is ready for the holidays - I think.Friday night will be video holiday with all of my family.  I'm looking forward to seeing their faces when they open their gifts.  I'm sure I'll hear corny jokes, laughter, and all … Continue reading Family Holidays