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Kristen Collins and I met because someone was being unpleasant on social media. Because of her kindness, we started talking and one thing led to another. While the unpleasant person is nearly forgotten but I met this lovely author.

Author Bio

I’m a Native Texan, born and raised close to the heart of the great Lone Star State. I was born in January of ‘89 and was able to grow up during a great time. I honestly don’t consider myself a Millennial, and really dislike that title.  I’m a part-time secretary and a full-time mother and wife, as well as a Lupus Warrior.

Having Lupus means living my life indoors, and the sun is my arch-nemesis, my personal kryptonite. I want to leave a legacy behind, something my kids could one day look back on and say, “yeah my mom did that.”

Thanks to the encouragement of friends and family, I found a passion for writing paranormal romance books. Anything in the realm of fantasy usually suits my novels and tends to be able to reach a large audience in multiple genres. Most of my story ideas come to me in the most unexpected times and places, such as my dreams. They will plague me nonstop until I sit down and write it out.

I like to explore new types of characters such as Sandmen and Boogeymen, for example. I enjoy creating all the facets of their own worlds, such as in A Sandman’s Forbidden Love.

God has blessed me with success that I never imagined was possible, which allows me the freedom to explore and create with intense focus in paranormal fiction. Now, I know Shifters aren’t real but Angels are another story. So Angels are also a part of my focus and research. I will often sit on the computer doing extensive research on both Sandmen and Angels, trying to learn as much as possible about them. In addition to fiction, I create Art Journals that are cross generational from thirteen to ninety years young. My goal, with these types of books, is to reach people who need that extra encouragement and quiet reflective stillness that journaling can bring into their lives.

When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I have Lupus and about three years ago, I wasn’t able to work. I was under house arrest with this disease because as it has progressed over the years, I am not able to go outside during the day, or work as much as I once did. I was struggling with depression and guilt, because to me this is not who I had planned to be.

I always had these crazy dreams that made absolutely no sense at all. Being an avid reader, I started wondering if I had it in me to write a story too. Just one story, to test my theory. My dreams supplied all these awesome plot ideas and as I began exploring these stories in my head, I realized that I felt called to be a writer. The story ideas began to pour out of me like a river, and then I figured out how to stop and listen to my character’s stories. Then I  just fell in love with the entire process and couldn’t stop until their stories were on the computer screen.

What genres do you like to read?  Are these the same genres you write in?

I read a lot of Paranormal Romance stories. It’s my absolute favorite genre! Yes, I do write quite a bit of my stories in Paranormal Romances but I also write Fantasy and Christian Fiction too.

Is your book for adults, young adults or children?

This book is definitely for eighteen year olds and older, there’s a lot of death mixed with some love in this story.

What is your current release or project?

Book 2: Elsewhere Series: Goldilocks

Tell us about the key characters

Sunny Goldilocks is our beloved protagonist.  She is the daughter of the villain, Goldee Goldilocks. Her whole life, she has waged an inner war between Beau Bear, also known as Baby Bear, who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bear and her mother. No one knows the real reason as to why they ended up on the Isle of the Forbidden.

Siri Liddell is the doppelganger of the former Red Queen from the Crazy Depp Resort, an annex of Wonderland.  Siri is also a detective that travels around the Twelve Isles solving the biggest crimes and mysteries.

Mr. Smiley is antagonist in this story, and you will be surprised to find out who this villain actual is.

What is your blurb or synopsis of the book?

Sunny Goldilocks the daughter of the infamous Goldee Goldilocks, the villain who made her way off the backs of the innocent people of the Fairytale Kingdom. Goldee ran the Isle of the Lost until her daughter Sunny fell in love with Beau Bear but not even true love stood a chance against Goldee Goldilocks herself. Sunny had the perfect life of a celebrity and all money and fame any girl could ask for, being the kid of a villian.

When a serial killer sets his eyes on Sunny, she’s forced to confront the past and the only man she has ever loved. Beau’s life has been good since Sunny and her evil mother had been out of his life. After serving in the Royal Guard, he started a successful private security business for all the celebrities of the Fairytale Kingdom. When Beau finds out Sunny is in trouble, he can’t stop himself from helping her.

As old wounds are opened and a killer lurks around every corner, Beau races against the clock to try to save Sunny and take down the killer once and for all. Sunny and Beau fight against their feelings as passion and old sparks ignite. Is it possible for a spark to become a flame when the past is so haunting?

Share an excerpt

Goldilocks Excerpt:

Prologue: Mr. Smiley

I crashed into the grove of trees, taking half of them down with my jabberwocky body. Too weak to maintain my shifter form, I transformed back into my human side. In the distance, I could hear the shout of triumph from the White Queen’s army. The battle was over and Asyra was dead.

I sat up and popped my neck in annoyance, I needed to get back to my lab and get out of here. There was no way I could continue to hide away in this land with the Red Queen gone.

“Damn pest.” I grumbled as I stood up and dusted my body off.

I snapped my fingers to clothe myself. The magic from this place came in handy at times like this.

I looked around and gathered my surroundings. Okay, I’m in the Shadow Forest.

The darkness surrounded all around me as the fog crept along the forest floor. In the distance, I could see the Shadows floating through the trees looking for their next soul to harvest.

A whimper sounded behind me so I turned around and limped to investigate who it was. Moving the brush aside, I saw Asyra crumpled on the ground bleeding.

“Jekyll.” She coughed and blood spluttered down her lips. “My love… help me.” She begged as she reached out towards me.

I examined her body from head to toe, and it was clear, her back was broken. Had the experiments worked, she would already be healing from the injuries. What a waste! I thought.

I walked over to her and looked down at her in utter disgust, “Oh Asyra… What a complete and utter disappointment you turned out to be.”

Her eyes widened, “What do you mean? I did everything you asked!”

“Tsk tsk tsk… I told you to kill Nyssa the minute she entered the realm but you just had to play your little game of cat and mouse with her. And now look at you… You’re as pathetic as the day I found you crying on the chess board.” I said as I squatted down to her.

“You said you loved me!” Asyra cried grabbing onto my ankle.

I shrugged standing up and turned to walk away, “I did when I thought the experiments worked, but you’re just another failed result. That’s okay, I found the perfect specimen a long time ago. The tests have all come back conclusive, she’ll be just like me.”

Asyra laughed causing more blood to come up and choke her. “She’ll never love you. You’ll fail just like you’ve failed here. You’ll always be a failure.”

Anger arose in me at her words, I could feel my other side taking over as I let the rage consume my soul. My eyes changed in vision as I was no longer Jekyll but Mr. Smiley.

I jerked back around and stormed to her, kneeling down beside her, “She will be mine!”

My hand covered her mouth and nose as she began to squirm underneath me. I watched as her eyes widened with fear but within a matter of minutes I felt her life slip away.

I stood back up and walked in determination towards my lab, giving myself over to the other side of me that heals so quickly. I found the large oak tree that has been my home for so many years and reached down into the dead leaves pulling open the door that lead below ground.

Jumping down into my lair, I grabbed my to-go bag and then started stuffing all my files in. The trumpets sounded in the distance and the roars of the jabberwocky clans rang throughout above me. They were coming to find me, I needed to leave and now.

I walked back to the wall that held all of Sunny Goldilocks pictures. I gazed at them all and my need started to burst through me.

Running my hand over a shot of her face, I vowed; “Soon we’ll be together, my love. Not long now, I’m coming and I will make all your pain and mine go away. I will make you perfect and you will never have to live with this pain again.”

Walking over to the standing mirror I placed my hand on it to activate it. Pumping Asyra’s blood into me, helped to trick this looking-glass portal. The mirror started to wave as a hospital closet came into view, I walked through it with my destiny full steam ahead.

What advice would you give a beginner?

My advice to other new authors is to do your research in ALL areas of the book world, especially when looking for editors, cover designers, and even publishing houses. Get references from other authors, become a part of the book world community because you will find the best advice from them.

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