Laid Up

I’ve been stuck in my recliner for the last three days.  I’m heartily sick of my recliner but there is little I can do about it.  My ankle started bothering me last weekend.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t twist it, strain it, or anything like that I could point to but every time I put weight on my ankle I am in severe pain.

Is it my gout?  Is it something else?  No idea.  At this point I’m putting heat on it – ice doesn’t work and only increases my pain.  I’m taking Tylenol as often as I can.  I’ve also doubled my arthritis meds.  I guess if this doesn’t work then I’ll go to the doctor but right now I don’t have any faith in any of my doctors.

My ortho has moved to Minnesota and I’ve not found a new one.  My GP is reluctant to do anything with my joints.  This leaves me pretty much dealing with things on my own.

Even though I’m trapped in my recliner, I’ve not been idle.  I have been crocheting (of course) and have five baby bibs done and a sixth one started.  Vicki’s co-worker is pregnant and she asked me to make these.  I’ve finished the baby blanket I was working on.  Once those are done I’ll work on sponges for Vicki.  This pattern takes me very little time so I’ll be able to crank out a number of them fairly quickly.

In addition to the crocheting, I’ve been working on writing stuff.  Flash drives are amazing.  My little netbook has been working hard.  Moments in Nature is going to be available in paperback within the week!  I’m super excited about this.  Next is to work on reviewing and sorting the next book of poems.  I have the print outs next to me and I’m hoping to get these sorted today.  Then it will be a matter of starting the organization on this manuscript.  Once I’m done with that I’ve gathered the other poems into one manuscript but I haven’t decided whether it should be one or two so that will be the next step.

After I get the poetry taken care of, I will be working on my fantasy novel.  This one is still in the editing process so will take a bit of time to finish off.  Or it might not.  Every time I’ve said that recently I end up finishing more quickly than I expected.  This is a good thing and always takes me by surprise.

While I’m stuck in the recliner and damn annoyed about it, I’m not being unproductive.  I feel bad because it is errands weekend and Ken is doing all the errands.  He doesn’t seem to mind but I do – these are tasks we usually share.  I know I need to rest the ankle but I have to live too.

To occupy my brain while I’m recliner bound I’ve been watching PBS Crafting in America and Cosmos both of which were good.  I was a bit disappointed that Crafting in America didn’t include any crocheting or knitting.  While most of the people they interviewed and profiled were making a living crafting, I’m sure there are people who make a living with their crafts.  I feel like they touched on a couple of important things about networking and running a business that is craft based.  It is definitely not a field that you are likely to make big bucks in.

I’ve also been watching MI5 from the BBC.  I think I’m to a point where I am more waiting to see which characters get killed off.  No one is safe.  They either get killed off or crack up.  This is probably similar to how it is in real life spy craft.  I also am enjoying seeing the cliche’s of British television.  The more I watch the more prominent they become.  It adds to the layers of perception I have by watching the shows from other countries.  It shows how America is considered arrogant which is a bit hard to take but not necessarily untrue.

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